more, In [this report from Pitchfork]( more, In a tumblr post describing her music process and equipment, Grimes shows a T... more, The audio interface can be seen on the desk in this picture from Grimes' inst... more. Here Grimes has it for you, Might as well link to Ariel Pink calling Grimes retarded in 2014. Grimes is included in our Reference Music We Use For Gear Tests didn't she do some dune concept album that sounded like someone was fucking a cat to death. there isn't a video lesson for this song. It was mixed by Grimes and her manager Sebastian Cowan at their La Brique Studio Space. Grimes' gear and equipment including the Roland Gaia SH-01 Synthesizer, Roland JUNO-G Workstation Keyboard, and 3Dio - Free Space Binaural Microphone. Watch Queue Queue 237 votes, 151 comments. 9. "Just got 2 super interesting Mics the left is what Tayl... more, Seen on page 44 and discussed on page 46. more, Grimes is seen performing on her 2012 Visions tour using the microphone. 9. "My station has a cool new look" more. Oblivion Grimes. Her music is an eclectic mix of styles which she described herself as "ADD music", because it shifts frequently and dramatically. She's a wizard, a true star. What kind of Studio Monitors does Grimes use? € EUR keyboard_arrow_down Login / Register Grimes The electronic musician Claire Boucher was born in 17 March 1988 in Vancouver, Canada and is based in Montreal. Red Scare is a podcast hosted by @annakhachiyan and @nobody_stop_me Everybody … Her music is an eclectic mix of styles which she described herself as "ADD music", because it shifts frequently and dramatically. Oblivion. Press J to jump to the feed. No matter how off the rails things get I will never not love everything about this. What kind of Keyboards and Synthesizers does Grimes use? Grimes is awesome, and about the coolest artist on the planet right now. User account menu. “Right now I’m using PMC monitors, although my biggest problem is that they d... more, "the best program (in my opinion) is ableton live," says Grimes, in [this](ht... more, When talking about her album visions Grimes says "Embarrassingly, I recorded ... more, Grimes is seen with this item, on every of her ArtAngels shows, her back up v... more, Grimes discusses her studio in an interview given to Future Music magazine (i... more, actuallygrimes Talkin bout gear, being a producer, and mixing w legendary spi... more, Found this photo of her on Instagram with this amp, I own the amp so I know i... more. She fuses contemporary instrumentation with classical vocal practices. I think the basslines of both Genesis and Oblivion are some of the most interesting and instantly-lovable moments in grimes' work. "Oblivion" is a song by Canadian singer Grimes from her third studio album, Visions (2012). What kind of Microphones does Grimes use? What level of cuck does that make me? more, "I love the Nexus VST and Native Instruments’ Massive…" more, On virtual synths and plug-ins: That ‘Oblivion,’ her signature song, was about street harassment only foreshadowed a new era in which conversations about such topics are normalized. A few songs on the keyboard. I've been listening to her Art Angels album through a Lavry DA11 and Audeze LCD-XC headphones this morning. Grimes uses the Roland SP-404SX in the live video performance for KEXP 90.3 FM. Oblivion is another track primarily made using Roland Juno-G presets. "But it is the most (inaudible)y god damned board you could ever imagine. ", Press J to jump to the feed. Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Professional Monitor Head... TC Helicon VoiceLive 2 Floor-Based Vocal Processor.