Been making it for many years. Transfer to a large bowl. Whеn I inіtially left a comment I appear In fridge. I apologize for misunderstanding. This Honey Cake is a quick dessert recipe and a great no-bake alternative for the original Honey Cake recipe. Hi! Thank you for recipe =) the only thing I added is a bit of powdered sugar to the cream and added some extra honey on the gram crackers and it added lots of honey flavor to the cake. to have clickeԁ the -Νotify me when new comments are added- checkbox and fгom now on each tіme a comment is аdded I receive 4 emails with the I'm so happy to have you here. Chill this crust for 1 hour before filling. Add 1/3 cup chocolate and let sit undisturbed for 2-3 minutes. Happy Birthday to your husband , Does the cream cheese need to be at room temp? Put the first row of 4 crackers. Just mix, layer and chill - then serve up a delectable dessert for a crowd! Top with with fresh fruit, caramel sauce, or whipped cream! Press to secure them to the plate. You can either use chocolate graham crackers, which is the easiest option OR you can add 1 tbsp cocoa powder in this recipe. This best no bake pie crust is great for cheesecake, pies, tarts. Our Graham Cracker Eclair "Cake" is a spectacular no-bake dessert recipe - no oven required and no baking skills required! Dump this mixture into a round pie dish (9 inch) and press it down on the base and the sides with your fingers. xxx, I am also the one who always makes sweets for get-togethers, so I get you)) They absorb the moisture from the cream and become tenderly soft. recipe by Let the Baking Begin Blog. Love it! Then this No-Bake. Nobody could believe that it wasn’t baked. . So if you got some stacking skills, you’ll do great! Decorate the top edges of the cake with cut up Peanut Butter Cups, if desired, Let come to room temperature before serving. Top with chocolate chips for even more chocolatey goodness. So yummy! I hope you love this cake as much as we do! I will follow your instructions from your reply. I just had to make an easier no-bake version of the cake. He also likes graham crackers, and yesterday I thought what if I cover crackers with cream and make a cake? This No Bake Graham Cracker Cake can be done in under an hour, including all the dish cleaning too! This no-bake cheesecake recipe is easy and delicious! have made this cake several times, it is delicious. also, i love your spoons!!!! GRAHAM CRACKER CRUMBS. We can get it already made in the same cans as the condensed milk. This is best done by using your hands and fingers to pack it down and then using the flat bottom of a drinking glass or measuring cup to smooth everything out. A smooth dessert with fluffy, almost mousse-like filling and a thick, buttery graham cracker crust. Simple, tasty and no mess. Without the use of my oven, rolling-pin, or the hours of time. I used it in this  Easy Caramel Apple Pie and it’s delicious. The cream cheese is whipped in the following part of the recipe for the cream. Hope you found the menu where you can search stuff by categories, makes it really easy. Learn how your comment data is processed. In a large mixing bowl, whisk together graham cracker crumbs, brown sugar, cinnamon. Recipe developer. Just take the amount needed for the cake and play with them (before frosting), and find the best way to fit them on the serving platter. This is a delicious alternative to the original Honey Cake, which requires you to make the cake layers from scratch. It’s up to you, but I placed 3 whole crackers and half of the fourth one, making it one long cake. This No-Bake Honey Cake is a simple no bake dessert with graham cracker cake layers and a soft cream in between, then topped with a sweet Chocolate Ganache. What an interesting, simplified variation of Russian honey cake. To prevent the pie crust from breaking apart and crumbling when you are slicing, make sure to pack it down tightly. Let it cool completely before filling it with anything you like. In the now empty bowl of the mixer, whip 2 cups heavy cream until stiff peaks. it taste like medovik but quick version of it. […] Recipe Details : letthebakingbeginblog […]. Crush up about 4 crackers into crumbs. ѕervice? Marina, thank you much for reply! Mix in melted butter until you have a crumbly mixture. Put about 1 cups frosting on top of the crackers and spread out evenly. Does the recipe call for **sweetened** condensed milk or just condensed milk? what do you use for chocolate? com | adventurefoodzadventurefoodz. It would be humorous if the crackers weren’t “”Honey Graham Crackers”:). Thanks dear! A packet of cream cheese is 8 ounces. Don’t replace butter with shortening or margarine because the results are not very good. ; Instead of 2 layers of vanilla pudding try making the recipe with one layer of vanilla pudding and one layer of white chocolate or cheesecake pudding. This amount of ingredients does not make too big of a cake so if it’s for a birthday party, I would double or triple the amount. I feel like it needs to be supported while chilling not to shift or gall apart. Thanks for posting this recipe; it sounds super yummy! Mix together graham cracker crumbs, brown sugar and cinnamon. Thanks for the cake which I am planning to make for my husband’s birthday. Hi Marti, How did I accomplish such a thing, you ask? may be needed for recipe success. like semisweet chocolate chips or just baking chocolate bar? It’s quick, easy, simple and no mixer or food processor is required! Using a spoon, stir until smooth. Marina, the cake turned out great. For the filling, you’ll need cream cheese, powdered sugar, cream, lemon juice, and vanilla. It won’t be a big party. thanx. For ganache I use good quality chocolate chips (dark chocolate) or chocolate bar. You must chill the crust before filling because this makes it firm and prevents the crust from becoming soggy. Welcome to CakeWhiz, a place where I share my love for baking, cooking and entertaining with you!