This is because of the proper airflow mechanism and humidity maintained by the refrigerator. Buy and sell second hand Fridges Below 5000 in India. If you can spend around 18000 to 22000, then take a look at our list of best refrigerators under 20k. Plus, you get some nice features as well. Best Under R is designed to help users find best electronics like phones, laptops, led tvs, refrigerators, washing machines etc. LG is one of the best brands in India and our favorite as well because of its exceptional quality and excellent after-sales service. This refrigerator has an inbuilt stabilizer, so you will not require buying a separate stabilizer. The online price keeps on fluctuating every day, so some refrigerator prices may vary. Let's go over them. Usually, LG products are slightly overpriced as compared to other brands, but this refrigerator is not overpriced at all. It offers excellent performance and can keep the freshness in the food intact for around 15 days. All these refrigerators are from reputed brands like LG, Samsung, Whirlpool, Haier and Godrej. The Laminar Air Flow and Insulated Capillary Technology, in combination with the powerful compressor, make ice quickly, so you are never short of ice for those spontaneous house parties. 13450. The fridge is powered by a digital inverter compressor which senses the changes in temperature and accordingly adjusts the compressor speed which results in good energy-efficient and noise-free performance. Which is the best refrigerator under Rs 20,000? The price of LG 190L Single Door Refrigerator is around Rs. 16290. All rights reserved. Our next favorite is LG 190L Refrigerator. The prices keep changing so please check the latest price and available deals & offers at links below. You can also check other designs of this refrigerator here. 14490. It also has a good capacity, a beautiful floral design on the front, inbuild stabilizer and LG offers excellent after-sales service. It has durable build quality, is spacious, and has one of the best designs that would add beauty to your kitchen in your home or office space. Capacity of the fridge in this list is from 185L to 215L which is suitable for a small family. It comes in an altogether new design that compliments your kitchen in both home and office. There is so much variety available online that user gets confused and is unable to decide which phone or laptop or led he should buy. We have tried to include only the best refrigerators in terms of both looks and performance from reputed brands like LG, Samsung, Whirlpool, Haier, and Godrej. This helps the freezer to produce ice in about an hour. It comes with a 4-star rating and consumes less than 200 units of electricity. This refrigerator from LG is well built with a beautiful printed floral design. Overall it is one of the best refrigerators in the price range of around 15000 to 17000. The quality of materials is top-notch and the fridge feels premium. The fridge comes with longer condenser coils and heavy-duty PUF insulation. The 3-star rating means it has good power efficiency and will consume only around 180-200 units of electricity over the year. Copyright © 2020 Transcom Digital. This refrigerator is a 3-Star Rated fridge and also has an inbuilt stabilizer. This LG fridge is rated 4 stars and it will consume just 164 units of electricity in a year which means less than 0.5 units per day. From French doors to top freezers, we tested brands like GE, Kenmore, Samsung, LG, and more. Get the best deal on top branded refrigerator like Hitachi refrigerator, Samsung refrigerator, Whirlpool Refrigerator and Transtec Refrigerator and eat healthy food. Are you searching for the best refrigerator under 15000? The prices keep changing so please check the latest price and available deals & offers at links below. This is one of the fridges from Whirlpool's latest 2019 range of refrigerators. We have wide range of samsung mini refrigerator price below 5000 in Refrigerators.Quikr deliver across Delhi The price of Whirlpool 200L Single Door Refrigerator is around Rs. It also comes in 4-star and 5-star rating, and you can choose as per your budget and requirement. The price of Samsung 192 L Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator is around Rs. Single door refrigerators are more compact in size when compared to most other styles of refrigerators and will not take up much space. The fridge is well built and looks very premium as well.