This is one of those features that may turn out to be a nice feature to have, but shouldn't be a factor in your purchasing decision. We upgraded to an iQ4 - its just a software update. Perfect for what we want and what we will use it for. What a joke! We moved house in July. This shows which products have been discontinued and which are still available. Fortunately, now that branding has been dropped, the coverage of each section has drastically improved. Programs can be recorded directly to an external hard drive. My IQ3 was working perfectly when Foxtel contacted me and said as I was such a good customer (been with them from the beginning) they were rewarding us with an IQ4 for free. But for the most part, the now-iconic Foxtel remote design has never significantly changed. I really am astonished to see other poor reviews of it. But the last one is something many never expected to see on the iQ box – a big red-and-white Netflix button. While you don’t need to get the remote to use the new Foxtel interface, it certainly makes for a smoother experience. Based on how much energy the machine uses when in standby mode for 19 hours per day. Your trust is our top concern. Our IQ 4 turned off during the storm last night. HbbTV is a hybrid broadcasting system where you get a combination of the broadcast TV show as well as additional data delivered over a broadband connection. It makes the iQ4 even more of a pleasure to use than it already was, regardless of which remote control you’ve got. We have two rooms, both now set up with Foxtel. However due to copyright protection the PVR may format the drive in such a way as you can only use it on that PVR and not connect it to any other device. We record from the Electronic Program Guide and note any discrepancies with the end and start times, applying penalties for any truncated footage or dropouts. Don't upgrade if you can help it, keep your IQ2! shows I have recorded come up as an error message. I called and was told 2 different things. Making full use of the iQ4’s powerful hardware and hugely enhancing the Foxtel user experience – as well as adding Netflix support – the new IQ4 update is a winner. Similarly, with a TV series – you’ll see a full episode list, past and future – from there, you can stream, download or even play your recordings if you have them. I am forced to use the wifi connection and not the ethernet connection ... because the ethernet connection simply will not work - yet as most people realise, ethernet is far more reliable than wi-fi. And thats the end of it. First week fantastic, 2 weeks later on my second iq4 with still the same problem, which is having to constantly reset. At the moment, subscribers to Foxtel’s top bundle plans – Platinum Plus, Sports HD and Movies HD – get a standard (HD) Netflix subscription included at no extra cost. If you're happy with your choice of box stay with it. The only way for the reset to work is to turn the power off each time everytime we want watch foxtel. It’s likely this is just a temporary glitch, as the Store designation appears everywhere else it applies. It has NBN. Also refer to title for more details. Foxtel have made their first foray into the 4K era, announcing a new iQ4 set-top box and the company's first 4K channel. What is the CHOICE Expert Rating. Get basic access to comment Anybody got any ideas?? Unlock rating. The Compare TV website and trading name are owned by Twenty Twenty Digital (ABN: 20 166 855 401).© 2020 CompareTV | Terms of Service | Privacy Policy, New customers: All Foxtel Now packs $25/mth for 3 mths. This is the second recent IQ4 box I have had and the same problem has occurred with both of them. This feature is different to keeping a copy of the recorded program on an external drive. EPG ease of use: 25% Unbelievable the info they tell that is incorrect. Paying for a subscription that doesn't work..!! I find I have to reboot the IQ4 almost weekly. UHD TVs have a lot more pixels than an HD TV, but they also cost a lot more. Thanks heaps. And thats the end of it. © 2020 Pty. Can't see why there are so many negative reviews, Upgrade from Telesra IQ3 to raw Foxtel IQ4. For a few days I found learning the new ways of programming and finding the old settings a little confusing. The advantage of Wi-Fi direct with devices such as smartphones and tablets means you can easily watch whatever is playing on your phone on your TV. Never had so many issues!! Of course, browsing suggestions and new releases is exciting and introduces you to new movies and shows, but what about when you want to watch something specific? has affiliate partnerships. If you’re on a movie channel, you’ll get a full-screen summary of the movie – run time, year of release, a description, and an interactive cast list.