Sends at 135 degrees, 80/72 base/growth, dealing 12 damage. All angles and all hitboxes send at Sakurai angle with 30/97 base/growth. Sends at 135 degrees, 80/65 base/growth, dealing 12 damage. Hits on 5-9, ends on 22. Doc's upb loses it's extra disjoint on initial hit of upb a little earlier than Mario. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. 18/100 base/growth, dealing 6 damage. Ok, I'm copping out here a bit because I'm not going to detail each of the many middle hits of Mario and doc's down b, and also the aerial versions of it, so just check. Mario's upair hits at a 55 degree angle, doing 11 damage, on all hitboxes, for the entirety of the attack. The animation for throwing it out ends on frame 43. Doc cuts off any "Hoo" he was saying before and makes no utterance. Doc's uptilt for its first frame sends at a sakurai angle, with the same hitbox/size layout as Mario, dealing 10 damage with 20/95 base/growth on all hitboxes. Set knockback of 20. Doc's dtilt sends at 150 degrees dealing 9 damage for all hitboxes, with 20/82 base/growth. Despite this, Mario is still easily gimped and can't recover if he is knocked too far away from the stage. (Larger than Mario's). Mario's usmash sends at an angle of 83 dealing 15 damage with 32/97 base/growth for the entire duration of the attack. Refreshing it requires landing through air dodge, normal landing, or during cape itself. Down angled does 17 on id0, and 13 on id1 and id2. Charge frame 3. Mario's jab 1 sends at 83 degrees on all hits except the innermost (which never takes priority), which sends at 85 degrees. Mario's fair has a more slappy kind of noise. Doc's uthrow releases on frame 18 and is actionable on frame 23 when throwing Luigi. The armpit does 17 damage, with 50/100 base/growth, and the fist does 16 damage, with 40/100 base/growth. Doc's upair lasts from frame 4-9, ending on frame 33, autocancels on 16>. ... Lots of frame data on Doctor Mario (and some of the other Mario Bros). Each hit does 3 damage. If perfectly sweetspotted, Mario's upb can grab ledge as soon as frame 25 (The last frame of upb he'd be in before grabbing ledge is 24, which has a hitbox). Is there something like this for Fox/Falco? Doc also bobs up and down slower than Mario does. Although he was originally planned to be an alternate costume of Mario, Dr. Mario ultimately retained his status as a clone late in SSB4's development for the purpose of appealing to his Melee fanbase.[5]. Late hit comes out 3 frames later, doing 7 damage, sakurai angle, with 20/100 base/growth. Mario has some good comboing ability, and he has a very versatile grab game, with a powerful back throw that can lead to gimps and an up and down throw that can chaingrab. Size of the body hitbox is 900, leg hitbox is size 900. Sakurai angle. The "Melee" in his name is actually a reference to the original Melee Mario mod made by xArtix32. Tornado:The move involves him rotating rapidly with his fists outstretched. Down smash - 9-23% damage. A full upb does 14 damage if unstaled. Doc's fsmash hits on 12-16 and ends on 41. Doc's neutral air starts out larger than mario's, both feet have a hitbox of size 800. Sends at 90 degrees, 75/30 base/growth, 6 damage. Doc's backair lasts from frames 6-16. This means that it will not interrupt attacks; rather, it only turns the enemy character around. For the rest of the move, it sends at 100 degrees dealing 8 damage on all attacks. Doc cannot platform cancel his nair as it does not do 12 damage off the bat. Doc is the only character like this. Doc's grab has slightly worse disjoint due to how the animation works. Info is pulled from relevant frame data threads as well as crazy hand and personal knowledge, and some testing in game. IASA frame 38, ends on frame 38. him being dr. 'melee' mario probably confused me a bit if it is more based on the newer iterations of doc, no i mean in melee, his cape does stall him, but if it is based more off of ultimate/sm4sh than melee that makes sense, @OnePunchMudkip with up air? Welcome to Reddit's finest Smash Bros community! Mario also is a decent edgeguarder, with Fireball (a solid projectile), and his cape which can easily and efficiently gimp almost every other character's recovery. Doc's jab 3 sends at sakurai angle on all hits. The Cape deals up to 10% damage (12% for the Super Sheet), has no knockback and doesn't make the opponents flinch unless the cape is used on an opponent attempting a grab (then, knockback increases only slightly, while not enough to KO. Mario's fireballs do 6 damage, sending at Sakurai angle with 5/25 base/growth. Has 70/30 base/growth. The window for jab 2 is a press on 2-25, jab 2 starts on frame 17 at earliest. On a backwards doublejump, Doc does one backflip. It is only visible to you. I'm going to try to make this as comprehensive as possible, but I may miss a few things. The backswing does 15 on id0 and 13 on id1, both with 40/75 base/growth. Middle angled does 18 on id0, 11 on id1, and 10 on id2. Mario's upb dips a little bit lower than Doc's at the beginning, causing him to have slightly less vertical reach than doc's. Mario's fireballs can be spammed, though with some difficulty (and at a slower rate of fire than Luigi's), and are a decent approach tactic. Mario's downb hits on 8-9, 12-13, 15-16, 18-19, 21-22, 24-25, 27-28, 38-39, last frame to become airborne is 10, mash window for rising on 1-36. fun fact: the aerial timing for EEYAH! Doc's upsmash hits on frames 9-11, his head is intangible on frames 9-11, and the attack ends on frame 39. Check. Melee Framedata. Mario's bair eventually catches up to the hitboxes of doc's. You are right, though jab 2 I just copy and pasted most information but forgot to change it 1 to 2. For the last frame, it deals 13 damage and sends at 76 degrees on aerial opponents and 259 degrees on grounded opponents. Mario's dair hits at a 94 degree angle, with a set knockback of 30 on each hit. Late nair is equal in strength to peach's nair. Mario's backair lasts from frames 6-17. Both feet have hitboxes of size 700 to start. Same range. Crazy amount of work must have went into this post. Doc's final hit sends at 80 degrees with 40/160 base/growth dealing 3 damage on both hitboxes. Doc's fair has two hitboxes, the armpit and the fist. Late hit deals 7 damage on all hits, with an angle of 120 and 45/30 base growth. IASA frame 60. On a backwards doublejump, Mario does three backflips. Pikachu, DK, Link, Y.Link, Zelda, Roy, Mew2, Yoshi, G&W, Ness, Kirby,, 100% Ledge Attack - Gets up then does an attack similar to his down-angled forward tilt. Doc's downb hits on 8, 14, 21, 28-29, 38-39, last frame to become airborne is 10, mash window for rising on 1-36. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. It is possible to "aim" both Marios' Super Jump Punches straight up vertically by holding the Control Stick in the opposite direction that they are facing during the "spark" of the Super Jump Punch's animation and can be angled vertically as well by aiming the control stick or d-pad forward. This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, and admins.