Find out how to pronounce different words about describing people in French with this free lesson! And to answer the question you can use the same expression but in the affirmative form "Il ressemble à" and add few adjectives from the table bellow. The Black Friday 3-Day Sale 2 days, 22 hours, 21 minutes, 29 seconds. Listen to the audio of French words about descriptions and practice your pronunciation with our voice recognition too. Describing a Person's Features Taking the descriptions one step further, you might want to talk about the color of a person's eyes (les yeux) or hair (les cheveux) or point out that they have freckles or dimples. In this case, we want to say that he / she … Here are some vocabulary words you will need to find useful to describe people in French: You will want to learn some nounsthat name people: 1. le/la bébé - baby 2. l’enfant - child 3. le garçon - boy 4. la fille - girl 5. le jeune homme - young man 6. la jeuene femme - young woman 7. l’homme - man 8. la femme - woman 9. le vieillard - elderly man 10. la vieille femme - elderly woman It’s also helpful to know some pronounsthat refer to people: 1. il - he 2. elle - she 3. ils - they (masculine) 4. elles - they (feminine) And h… ?".