However, if this seems somewhat daunting, see ifyour beliefs are still in the clouds of wanting to delivertoo much to too many to soon. Tagged: describe your business in one sentence, one sentence business statement, business statement template, business description template, PFhighlight, My name is Tet and I'm a productivity coach who helps busy coaches, course creators, and service-providers be. 6 Comments. Examples:  Who are obese. Clarity is essential to attracting more of the right customers and growing your business faster. I want you to remember the last time that you told someone about your business; whether it was the concept about which you were thinking, or an actual description of a formed business. Naming is tough, but you got it done. When you create your business profile on social media platform, review sites, and business directories, it’s crucial to include a description of your business that grabs the attention of the reader.This is easier said than done. We’re not all writers, or graphic designers. I decided what I loved to do – work with people like yourself, to craft clear, relevant and consistent content around your brand, and deliver it to your target customers – ie content marketing. FOCUS: Describe your company in one sentence 1. I have loads of experience with sales, marketing, social media, writing, email newsletters, and community building. Have a look around and let me know if you have questions — I’d be happy to help you! Examples:  Seniors,women business owners, teens between 13 and 18. There Is A Second Half Sentence Of “I Love You”, Do You Know? Content marketing and Social Media Marketing Services. All rights reserved, Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window). Can Content Help Get People to Your Location? You have a wonderful skillset, and very little time – so why should you expect yourself to be able to handle your branding too? You really need to sit down and think about your business, your products and services and think who they are benefitting. If this is the case, there isa great book I recommend that will support you in narrowingdown:  Niche and Grow Rich, by Jennifer and Peter Sander.This book will support you understanding the market placeyou want to enter and in narrowing your thoughts. You’ve picked a name that is reflective of the products or services that you offer, with a bit of your personality. We also would like to determine your target audience based on this introduction. business example sentences. Fear not friends. Each word you use has an energy attached to it.This energy either detracts or attracts customers. Our service is training orengineering or accounting. After coming up with the idea for your business and figuring out your business plan and how it will all work, you still have to name your business and brand it. Your brand is important, and it consists of the content and visuals that make up your company’s identity. Create a paragraph with this information, then edit andrefine the language so that it fits your customer’s readingstyle. In other words, we want to figure out who you're selling your product to. You don’t want to waste time dancing around the point – not in a conversation, and not online. When I first launched, I didn’t want to miss out on any potential business that came my way, so I tried being a little bit of everything to everyone. You have a very short amount of time, and words, to sum up what it is that you do. ... "As to your business," Prince Andrew continued, ... One more piece of unfinished business was put to rest when Dean arranged for two young friends of … In my work with people who have just launched, one of the hardest parts is often their branding. ), That provides ______________________________(Hints:  What are your key features of this product/service?What are the major benefits of this product or service?What are the tradeoffs? That containsno markups. This is especially important if your style isdifferent. Traditional Marketing, Take the First Step Toward Finding Your Ideal Job, GMAT Sentence Correction- How to Get Better, What is Copywriting and Why It is So Important To Your Business, Make Money Fast By Starting an Online Business, What You "Should" Do In Your Online Business, Tips To Creating Viewable Dimensions On Business Cards And Brochures. That contains no hidden costs. Continue reading to learn how to clearly describe your business in one sentence. I like tosay it provides the tree trunk that all the branches stemfrom. If we were, that would be our line of business. Now I needed to put that together in a sentence that was strong and purposeful. Marketing expert and author, Geoffrey Moore, has a usefulfill-in-the-blank method for creating a theme andpositioning statement for your business. Or maybe you own a brick an mortar, a cafe, restaurant, boutique or even auto repair service. But the branding stuff, that’s the difficult bit. Our product/service helps thisgroup overcome....  Our product/service helps this groupreap the rewards of.... Once you have completed this exercise, whether it is foryour overall business theme or better yet a narrower one,you can move this information forward into all yourmarketing information. Ourservice is executive coaching. “Propelling entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses forward, through thoughtfully designed and architected brand and content marketing strategies.”. Hello and welcome! After coming up with the idea for your business and figuring out your business plan and how it will all work, you still have to name your business and brand it. Finally, I chose the words “thoughtfully designed and architected”, because I take the time to get to know my clients, their businesses, their needs, their customers, and what it is they exceptionally on a daily business, before I even get started. ), Who ___________________________(Hints:  This is where you qualify your target customer andtime of need. But boiling what you do down to a sentence, seems downright impossible. Our productis a line of workshops. Introducing our signature 3-template system designed to help service-based businesses provide an amazing client experience (includes our Services and Pricing Guide, Client Welcome Packet, and Client Goodbye Packet Templates). Helping entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses architect their brand. How to take the complexity out of your business and focus in on your greatest offering Sharpening your Business target & image Source: The Inside Advantage, Robert Bloom, McGraw-Hill, 2008 The … When you launch your own business, there is so much to do. I know it will do the same for you. I love this stuff, and literally do it for a living. I’m not doing work that moves the needle a little bit. Think of this as a shorthand version of your longer brand DNA statement, for everyone in your business to keep at the back of their mind. That provides shortcuts (softwaretraining) at a discount/premium price. A useful fill-in-the-blank method for getting clear on your business, a niche, a product or service, creating a theme and positioning statement for your business. After getting to know my client, to know you as a person and a brand, then I work with you to create a strategy and content that is centered around you. Is therea geographic relevance? This way the participants and I start from the same page. Who are in high school and takemusic. Describe Your Business In One Sentence Marketing Articles | May 28, 2010 A useful fill-in-the-blank method for getting clear on your business, a niche, a product or service, creating a theme and positioning statement for your business. Can you describe your brand in one sentence? Our product/service helps this group increase theirpersonal leadership skills. It was time to invest some time into my own branding. 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