Peter and Mary want to buy a car. Using the worksheet can help keep track of the details, emphasizing that all underlying concerns are important. This social skills task card set focuses on social interactions between elementary age peers and a conflict resolution. Conflict Resolution Lessons: Get These 15 Creative Lessons! Only then should you read the resolution examples. What are your feelings? Send your Students also are likely to experience conflicts within their own thoughts and preferences. %PDF-1.6 %���� Go with the information generated by the group. Two copies of the Win-Win Waltz Worksheet for each participant. Oakland, CA: New Harbinger. For instance, Gil and Angela want to find a new apartment. Briefly describe the situation: 2. The skills are the same. They also enable colleagues to work together harmoniously. h�bbd```b``z"��ٛ@�T9�m"Y5��& ��L��� ������H�`�� Rl&C�d,� $��6�D�:��_�L@7h��00:�?S�s� k�m endstream endobj startxref 0 %%EOF 204 0 obj <>stream Conflict Resolution . The task cards can improve your clients’ conflict-resolution skills and gives them the opportunity to express how they may feel in difficult ... self-control; team-building . This step-by-step conflict resolution process provides students with a consistent and fair framework to help them resolve conflicts. Once they found apartments that met their initial criteria, they added their other concerns. Stop! Several of these tools are designed to assist with conflict resolution: In any relationship, there are the inevitable ‘hard topics’ to breach, and by avoiding these topics, more harm is done to the relationship. Each scenario can be a stand-alone lesson for small groups/whole-class discussion/independent work.Answer Key and Rubric included!This PDF is read Whereas conflict breeds tension that erodes work quality, cooperation maximizes productivity and, at the same time, keeps employees enjoying their work. The problem, for instance, is not that ‘she is an intrusive person.’ The problem is that roles and responsibilities may be unclear. !ABOUT THIS RESOURCE145 pagesPrint and Digital (PDF and Google Slides)Suitable for Middle and Hig. Now, pick one situation from the Situation Cards. mzG��~ VK�?������7��{v���������/���'�{~���9{�ۛ��'/o/������no����ٯ���ٯ�W�W�]���������ˋ���|����5��ݢ�W�x�����5��Gl�Em@ ~�#�����v������\^�����oϾ��������';�a���_?�=��8{y�s6�o^]�\^���o^]\�^���������ۛ�������.>��o޼��Y݀��޾�GK�������۟vɻ���o�|q��O�����g}ا^?�z}���]�g_]_�~�����O�N��~���Y�W��/8�(4��Z�;���싧Ͼ���?>=}���Kk���+.��7�j���G]�r����;PZ%�=����__?&����뛳 ��?_�U8�����K�m��)�] Ask for two new participants to be A and B. Repeat using a different TRAP. Second, evaluating between solution set options often gives rise to identifying additional underlying concerns. This can be used in friendship groups, classroom guidance, counseling groups, or however you see fit! Take an initial look at the Win-Win Waltz Worksheet. *Recently Updated*This resource includes 20 Middle School Conflict Scenario Cards with one blank page to add your own! Use with my graphic organizer also available in my store - 4 Types of Conflict. Depression and anger both indicate flaws in shared decision-making. If you like this resource, you might also like my other SEL resources.. We hope you enjoyed reading this article. ). Helping students with conflict resolution skills is essential. What is your relationship to the people involved? assertive communication skills (practicing “I” statements), social skills & social emotional development. Conflict resolution worksheets and printables for students of all ages. In a way that the rest of the group can’t see, point to one of the TRAPS for another participant (B). The group’s role is to be on the alert for recognizing each trap B demonstrates. The Netherlands a�q�.m����-���ඨ�XV�����_�\W��.Ǽ���췪�\ٚ�c�Zd��E��Z$�͹�ֶl>i}����t�z����ʼ�V7��������m!f���>,[�NeSɻԞKo/a-Bt[Y_;n��e��6����T���P�?F��wE'�� ���gƧ�ƴ���t��Y�k�Ӝ�}��h�j�ktu�?��Y�V���PF۟�a�Q�a����eUrn�����ѹٸmP�����w�~���oo��\�ǵ�&0M�/����ٷ�o�&-�=�A�H�u�5�ǘ3�Ns����F��B-X�j̫sрz�W�-_^��~%݃���o�e�ً�^]jЅX�bs�@�O�\��vb����:w��΃O����g�u�`X�-7������z�����O�(�S���������Z��ۛ�ۗ?M��NVЉ��wr���y1G�.