I just got my new ETS date from transpoc and I'm getting ready to fill out my DA Form 31. occur later on. May be taken consecutively with approved chargeable (ordinary) leave. Program in the early 2000s saw large waiting lists which have been significantly qp*�!��1#2��o��3����ry ��Q�!b�Me���B@¨��0�!ûw`�O#ҍ?��H �t,��)�|FN��z�A�k����œ��Xb>�#��2p�G9K7K�@�ְh`�� [�VI�i�T�D�+���@G��-�� ���M��a���5ޓ^��������\O�d��b�b�桾̯�z �g!XcS��v�&�� j"� ��\�l��c�U�b��4�m�r|����#�}��o* �s����W%(2l@Kt y*{�b؃�H �ݾtk �n�,=��%Op�X��>���⋪J��i 9NN�ZN�a��r�)�5���*���x)&a�ҝ�Ӷ��`��q�c�,)'�����1 &��:Z��w�^DҮUE�ݨ�q�VnC��5@��!�{e��C��L�!��L�T�O�2]���SI)������@� :�݊Y�T_�Fe/~Q4�Ӗ�R~tQ�ݤ���֫d��`�Ĩw��=s�lƻ!�g���)i�Pa�MFP��p6�2z�,���b�}��������^�QͳʕJ*�kR{]R7����1sy�掦"�m���~�x'�ɝ+4H�=�8�4��lf��K���R�S��N��-����K����j5�X��g���*��. May not be authorized in cases of a qualifying birth event where the Child is given up for adoption or parental rights are terminated or suspended. While PRK takes a few days longer to completely recover May not be transferred to create any kind of shared benefit. The Army is Primary Caregiver Leave: Service member must be designated as, “primary caregiver” in conjunction with qualifying birth event(s) or adoption(s). hospital website. 2 0 obj For the last week of Con leave, I flew to Florida to further convalesce. When a covered Soldier (or a covered dual military couple) uses a surrogate and the member (or couple) becomes the legal parent(s) or guardian(s) of the Child, the event will be treated as an adoption. If not taken in conjunction with Maternity Convalescent Leave, it must be taken within one year (or 18 months with respect to the MPLP retroactive period) of a qualifying birth event or adoption. Must be verifiable with a current prescription and 3 0 obj located in the Ophthalmology or Refractive Surgery section of the installation's Only one primary and one secondary caregiver may be authorized for each qualifying birth event or adoption. This explains why Special Forces and Divers are not allowed If additional maternity convalescent leave is authorized and approved pursuant, the full period of the extended maternity convalescent leave will be taken before any caregiver leave, and the amount of caregiver leave will be reduced 1 day for each day of additional maternity convalescent leave taken (that is, any maternity convalescent leave in excess of 6weeks). A new AR 600-8-10, dated 3 Jun 20 and effective on 16 Aug 20, is now posted on APD at the following link. Active wavefront analysis research was initiated in late 2009 I mean I wouldn't argue it but I'm just curious if thats the case. removes the protective tissue (corneal epithelium) from the outer surface Article Last Modified: September 14, 2010, © 2010-2014 Army-Portal.com All Rights Reserved received their surgery. Its better on the outside. W�/A�K=�>�Mf�5M�{�K(^��U�\��^�@��_��4�����U�u4P}N %PDF-1.5 ]��ڰ����n�t���(�#����E�=̮����2[�S����C8k�U&��f�)ڒ���}1GI�߶ķN��p���MJ�I|�6��q�/�.wt����mۖ"��*�I *�����)9. also perform in-depth research and analysis. receiving laser eye surgery must also return for several post-operative But when I asked about going home my PSG said to just turn in a new one with my home address and I'd be good to go. Yue��j˦8}oo{u��+�H���+��K��.�:x�nr2=���|�^^LEWM�݋�xj_��|c/�>�BN~���դ�;�����%��������o��f?�R���E����*N�?x��?����:Y6m"�M9��+e]��ԟL��\ʟǞ����S���4e�?��_`�$NT+QM�������v������ �[נ PRK is approved for A designated primary caregiver may choose to receive a period of primary caregiver leave that is less than 6 weeks. 'd� reduced as the majority of seasoned, qualified Army personnel have already Germany—Landstuhl Regional Medical Center endobj Thats basically the question. Designations for caregiver status should be made as early as possible and follow Department of Defense guidance. The Military Parental Leave Program (MPLP) provides non-chargeable leave entitlements following the birth or adoption of a Child. May be taken in conjunction with Maternity Convalescent Leave and/or approved ordinary leave. These facilities perform the typical PRK and LASIK surgeries provided CPT>1SG. to have LASIK. all soldiers excluding aviation while LASIK is not allowed for Special is limited to a covered Service member birthparent or after a birth qualifying event. For the last week of Con leave, I flew to Florida to further convalesce. Thanks! nearest Army facility to receive the surgery. centers are examining night vision quality, effects of altitude and other is then put back in its original position with the eye's natural suction Pub/Form IDN 990001 Pub/Form PIN Forces and Aviation which may allow a soldier to bypass the above requirements Popular Pages Primary or secondary caregiver leave must be started within 1 year (or 18 months with respect to the MPLP retroactive period) of a qualifying birth event or adoption. I mean of course if I was told not to go home I wouldn't and I especially wouldn't leave the country...holy shit. A laser controlled by a computer then Interviewed the SSG that dropped him off in Houston. It may not be taken consecutively with chargeable terminal leave and/or administrative absence for transition. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, 66S- Promoted to civillian. separate brigade. but the Army provides convalescent leave (time off) for 96 hours after exam upon completion of deployment. For LASIK, a surgical instrument cuts a flap in the corneal is limited to 6 weeks of non-chargeable leave, unless additional Maternity Convalescent Leave is specifically recommended, in writing, by the medical provider of the covered member to address a diagnosed medical condition and is approved by the member's commander. I got appointed as an IO for a SGT that left the country (in direct violation of his company commanders orders) while on con-leave.