Jan 17, LAC (23-21) beat DEN, 109-104, 45. Feb 27 @ DEN, LAC (32-27) beat DEN, 122-120, 60. Dec 10 @ PHO, LAC (17-9) beat PHO, 123-119, 27. Jan 15, LAC (22-21) beat HOU, 113-102, 44. Apr 10, LAC (48-34) beat UTA, 143-137, Ranks are per game (except for MP, which are total) and sorted descending (except for TOV and PF); opponents ranked are flipped; year/year calculations are also per game. LeBron seems to be on board with the signings, and the Lakers surely want to keep him happy. Dec 23 @ MEM, LAC (13-19) lost to MEM, 112-115, 34. Grade: A-, Portland clearly went for shooting by adding Curry and Stauskas, but they lost strong bench players in Davis and Napier, and have done nothing to address their lack of frontcourt firepower. They also picked up Thomas for some bench scoring, while trading away Chandler and Faried for much-needed cap relief. 3:40 pm ET, Off the Bench: Dwyane Wade announces final season. Add in a healthy Mike Conley and Marc Gasol, and Memphis could be back in the playoff hunt. They're banking on addition by subtraction with the loss of Howard, but they didn't get markedly better this offseason. NBA offseason almost done; what's next now? He spent the 2019/20 season in Poland playing for King Szczecin. Jan 28 @ NOP, LAC (25-24) beat NOP, 112-103, 50. 109.0 (9th of 30) Dec 16 @ MIA, LAC (11-17) lost to MIA, 85-90, 29. Mar 10, LAC (36-29) beat ORL, 113-105, 66. 42-40, Finished 10th in NBA Mar 28 @ PHO, LAC (41-34) beat PHO, 111-99, 76. Are you a Stathead, too? We have tools and resources that can help you use sports data. Grade: B, The Mavs finally got their center, signing Jordan to a one-year deal. Grade: B, The Lakers won the LeBron sweepstakes, which automatically gets them a top grade, but then things really got crazy. Alex Kirschenbaum contributed to … Grade: B-, After making sure Durant was taken care of, Golden State dropped another bomb on the NBA with the Cousins signing. Dec 29, LAC (21-15) lost to SAS, 111-122, 37. Dec 20, LAC (18-13) beat DAL, 125-121, 32. Nov 10 @ OKC, LAC (5-6) lost to OKC, 111-120, 12. We bring sports news that matters to your inbox, to help you stay informed and get a winning edge. However, he didn't have to deal any of the team's young assets other than Poeltl, and if Leonard bails next summer the Raptors are in position to begin the rebuild. Marco Belinelli signs deal to return to his native Italy. Mar 20 @ MIN, LAC (37-33) lost to MIN, 109-123, 71. Roster In This Section. 32. Nov 25 @ SAC, LAC (7-11) beat SAC, 97-95, 20. They'll have pretty much the exact same roster as last season, which was only good enough to win a single game in a first-round playoff exit. Jan 28, LAC (28-23) lost to ATL, 118-123, 52. Copyright © 2000-2020 Sports Reference LLC. Do you have a blog? Nov 18 @ CHO, LAC (5-10) lost to CHO, 87-102, 16. Los Angeles Clippers 2017-18 Roster and Stats. Def Rtg: 111.5 (21st of 30), Preseason Odds: Nov 2 @ ORL, LAC (5-4) beat ORL, 120-95, 11. Or write about sports? $12,345,680. Feb 11 @ MIN, LAC (31-27) lost to MIN, 120-130, 59. Copyright 2020 NBA G League Media Ventures, LLC. Team Roster. Grade: A-, The Nuggets pounced on Porter, a potential top-three pick who dropped due to concerns about his back, then locked up Jokic long-term and brought back Barton. Nov 20 @ NYK, LAC (5-11) lost to NYK, 85-107, 17. Feb 7 @ IND, LAC (30-26) lost to IND, 92-116, 57. Nov 11 @ NOP, LAC (5-7) lost to NOP, 103-111, 13. Join our linker program. Mar 15 @ HOU, LAC (37-30) lost to HOU, 96-101, 68. Shooting data available as of 1996-97 season. L.A. Clippers' 2026 1st round pick to Oklahoma City [L.A. Clippers-Oklahoma City, 7/10/2019]. Nov 8 @ POR, LAC (6-5) lost to POR, 105-116, 15. Attendance: Davis is an elite rebounder, and Dudley is considered a great locker room presence. © 2004-2020 CBS Interactive. Dec 13 @ SAS, LAC (17-11) lost to SAS, 87-125, 29. Gordon Hayward is moving to Charlotte to stack ends, buy property, and play relatively pressure-free ball. Grade: B+, Miami was handcuffed by some long-term deals that limited their flexibility this summer, and they also didn't have a draft pick. Covering the impact of coronavirus on the sports world. Feb 3 @ TOR, LAC (29-25) lost to TOR, 103-121, 55. Grade: B. Keep in mind that these are only transactions that have gone official, and grades can change depending on what comes next. Record: L.A. Clippers' 2022 1st round pick to Oklahoma City [L.A. Clippers-Oklahoma City, 7/10/2019], 2023 first round draft pick to Oklahoma City (swap, Oklahoma City incoming) NBA free agency has slowed to a halt, so what better time to take stock of all the player movement throughout the league? Or write about sports? Jan 1, LAC (21-16) lost to PHI, 113-119, 38. Nov 25 @ POR, LAC (13-6) beat POR, 104-100, 21. Question, Comment, Feedback, or Correction? Bullets centre Will Magnay signs with Pelicans. There are certainly some strong personalities in Washington, but if it works out the Wiz could get back into the top tier of the Eastern Conference. the official stats partner of the NBA. Rookie Zhaire Smith will also likely crack the rotation, but the team lost some big-time shooting with Belinelli and Ilyasova, which they need around Ben Simmons.