Although Dove advertises this product as a bark, there really just artificial dark chocolate bite squares. Christmas candy is as fun to find as it is delicious to enjoy. However, we're guessing this wasn't your first Christmas candy choice anyways. Before sugary worms, bears and sour kids, gumdrops stole both America's hearts and tastebuds. RD.COM Holidays & Observances Christmas. The newest addition to their Pieces line, Reese’s Pieces Trees combine the much-loved Reese’s Christmas Trees with the crispy Pieces candy. In fact, researchers conclude that by adding mint to your diet, more of the fat you consume will be metabolized, as opposed to steadily making your pants tighter. Reese's Bells, Reese's Bells, Reese's not all the way. At the holidays, they release special flavors like Milk Chocolate Cookie Crunch. Take, for example, these Peeps Gingerbread Men. These one-of-a-kind candy canes would make a great gift, too. you'd be better off drinking a Coke. The Skittles Holiday Mix ditches orange, yellow, and purple. It's no wonder with their colorful appeal and, consequently, several color dyes and artificial flavors. This Dark Chocolate Nutcracker Toffee bar is made with organic, wholesome ingredients—aka food that was not made in a lab. Kids are sure to love this special holiday treat. The tea's combination of caffeine and epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) seems to set fat cells up for defeat. The cookie-shaped marshmallows have a delicately spicy ginger flavor with the classic Peeps puffy marshmallow texture. With 12 grams of sugar and a laundry list of manmade chemicals, these candy canes are almost the worst. Whether or not the recipient decides to eat the full serving is up to them, but at least the nutrition comes from quality ingredients. And the same goes for the raspberry and white grape peach flavors. Trolli's Extreme Sour Frost Bites serving size was rather large so we cut it in half. Your email address will not be published. Fake flavors along with added sugars, 11 grams of sugar and a slew of artificial colors are what give this one their superficial appeal. That's a lot of fat for only about ¼ of the chocolatey orange! This is jingle hell. 3. For laughs or in the name of a beloved holiday food, infamous fruitcake finds its way into a variety of Christmas treats, from cookies to cocktails. "Andy's Candies" was changed to "Andes Candies" after the chocolate's creator discovered men were not too keen on giving their lovers candy with another man's name on it. These sweet Christmas decorations are cheap and easy to make. Test your holiday know-how: how well do you remember A Christmas Carol? Chocolate boasts powerful natural chemicals called flavanols that have been found to help lower blood sugar and also decrease body fat, according to the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. They've recently been recalled due to mysterious Snickers popping up inside their bags. Get the best food tips and diet advice every day. If you're a fan of the caramel nutty chocolate bars this may seem like a bonus, but for those suffering from any nut allergies, it should not be taken lightly. GUMDROPS. Having more quality calories will benefit you far more than fewer calories loaded with artificial additives, especially when those calories are from antioxidant-rich cocoa. Not a fan of mini? Each window reveals a 50 calorie milk chocolate wrapped like a Christmas present. While you’re in the holiday candy section, don’t forget their classic Candy Cane flavor. 800-881-6419 Because of the beautiful packaging, Ghirardelli Chocolate Squares are ideal for holiday gifting. While you’re chowing down, check out these surprising Christmas trivia facts you never knew. Despite Bob's Cherry variety, these traditional canes contain the real thing (mint), along with four other ingredients. Within 24 hours of eating added sugar, your body is flooded with elevated levels of triglycerides, which universally lead to one thing: belly fat. As a general rule avoid anything that's labeled "made with chocolate," "chocolaty," or "chocolate-coated," which indicate the presence of partially hydrogenated oils, high fructose corn syrup, harmful dyes like Yellow #5 and Red #40 and artificial flavoring. The Hammond’s Bag of Coal is an iconic Christmas candy option, only available for a short time. Christmas Recipes, Desserts, Recipes, Seasonal/Holiday Recipes. Every product is independently selected by our editors. Big Old List Of Christmas Candies & Gift Mixes on Southern Plate Yum . Tied for the naughtiest chocolate, these two Junior Mint flavors are under 200 calories and 5 grams of fat per serving, but boast a whopping 32 grams of sugar. And second, by stealing too much sugar from our systems, it creates a sugar crash: a sort of hunger rebound that sends us back to the party try for more chocolate bark. All Rights Reserved. Because it's so high in sugar and devoid of fiber, candy gives us a much faster sugar rush than any food found in nature. You already know that peppermint is a lethal weight loss weapon, but did you know that chocolate can actually help you burn fat? Keep this star away from your tree. ». All typically comprised of a combination of sugar, corn syrup, flavoring and artificial colors, the amount of each can tip the calorie and sugar scale one way or the other for each of these canes. Order your chocolate gifts today! Even those of us who don't often eat candy find it hard to resist the minty, chocolatey goodness of the holidays, forgetting all about our plans for rapid weight loss. They pop right into your mouth and contain peppermint oil, a weight loss superfoods. This year, however, those handy helpers may need to add another category to their list of approved foods: sugar cookies. took a hard look at the nutritional info on every sort of Christmas candy that might be rolling down your chimney this year, and ranked them best to worst (comparing the nutritional profiles and quality of ingredients to equivalent serving sizes).