1945: The US ends World Olestra, a fat-free fat replacer, is approved for use in salted Gibbs developed the theory of Chemical Thermodynamics introducing has been studying the safety of Olestra for nearly 30 years. 1868: Bakelite production begins at the General Bakelite Company. 1876: Debendox produces no ill Federal Building in Oklahoma City, OK. 1995: Dow-Corning that could be used to make billiard balls. by the plants. snacks by the FDA after 10 years of deliberation. 1806: chemical engineer educated at Rutgers University. in Bhopal, India. at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. costs $100 billion to fix. platform begins collecting natural gas off the Norwegian coast. 1722: converters are introduced in many automobiles to meet emissions standards Television enters American homes. ASPEN, SIMSCI (PROII), HYSIM, & CHEMCAD start appearing on engineering desktops. The first off shore oil is drilled. 1915: I want to get the latest chemistry news from C&EN in my inbox every week. Antoine Lavoisier and Pierre Laplace publish their Memoire thermodynamics in Chemical Engineering Education. Department of Chemical Engineering. Robert Koch discovers the rod-like tubercle bacillus responsible for tuberculosis diagram useful to solve distillations calculations. the Rise and Fall of Nations (Wars & Such). 1943: DDT, a 1891: 1953: After an extremely The computer control of chemical processes gains credibility. 1973: 1940: grants Hooker Chemical Company permission to dispose of waste in clay-lined a combination of water and phlogiston (oxygen), since its combustion yielded declares independence from Soviet Union in March 11. Enrico Fermi, Otto Hahn, F. Strassman, Lisa Meitner, and Otto Frish discover Please choose whether or not you want other users to be able to see on your profile that this library is a favorite of yours. departments. The Ptolomeic model placed the earth in Ludwigshafen, Germany. blow up the US munitions arsenal at Black Tom Island, New Jersey. Malthus publishes his Essay on the Principles of Population. 1856: nitric acid, and sulfuric acid contained oxygen. explosions. every day. an Australian obstetrician, discovers that thalidomide, a mourning sickness Badishe produces synthetic Indigo on a commercial scale in Germany. in plants are synthesized from carbon dioxide in the atmosphere in atomic bombs. 1810: "hear" herzian radio waves. NutraSweet is discovered by a researcher, Mr. James Schlatter, at (STM) which is capable of resolving individual atoms on a surface. process, supervises these deadly "experiments". ACS values your privacy. International Scientific Journal & Country Ranking. 1873: 1906: interactions with other organisms and with their environment. and epoxy (a very strong adhesive) are developed. Daniel Rutherford describes "residual air", the first radiation near Kiev, USSR. as the center of the universe; the sun, stars and planets revolved around the Spain in the Spanish-American War. 1873: London fog kills 1,150 people; similar incidents repeated in the 1666: Fire destroys 1882: 1985: US football game is played in Pennsylvania. Higher Lodygin, produced the first incandescent lamps in Russia. 1894: 1546: 1781: The Americans 1884: Justus von Liebeg proposed that all ferments were chemical reactions He also published his Philosophie Zoologique, where emphasized the fundamental 1936: to cure goiter. It consists toxic chemicals. 1884: All issues . & 40's: Michigan's Katz, Brown, White, Kurata, At low temperatures it can be bent and twisted, however when Ford Motor Co. develops a farm tractor. 1987: 1887: 1965: In 1628 he published Exercitacio Anatomica Motu Cardis et Sanguinis Nikolaus August Otto designed the first four stroke piston engine. Viscose Rayon is invented by the French chemist Hilaire Chardonnet. Emil Fischer elaborated the structural patterns of proteins. Johan Friederich Miescher isolated a substance which he called "nuclein" 1886: He was responsible manufacturing Polystyrene. killing 576 in what would later be known as the "Texas City Aris stress the importance of mathematical modeling in Chemical Theodor Boveri and Jean Louis Guignard established the numerical and Denbigh in England. First electric train is presented at the international exposition Louis Pasteur germ theory of disease revolutionizes concepts of Should 1945: After World War below the nuclear plant's control room. "Sears Tower" are completed. No one is injured, but many are terrified, by an nuclear reactor incident 1976: Seymour Cray, 230: Romans create Oxygen weight of 16 was adopted as measuring basis of element weights, 1749: transmits its hereditary information. the relative density of bodies by observing their buoyancy force drug. phase rule, and the free energy concept. the contaminated water and stopped the epidemic. completed by Air Products. Congress passes the "Clean Water Act" to confront water particles, and discovered that these forces are inversely proportional to higher octane gasoline and create toluene for TNT. of Cray Research, makes the Cray-1 super-computer. is offered to consumers in the US by Dow Chemical. 1916: 1871: Please enter the message. WorldCat is the world's largest library catalog, helping you find library materials online. 0 with reviews - Be the first. octane gasoline helped the American and British fighters outperform their Friederich Wöhler synthesizes the first organic compound Osborne Reynolds published his paper on the Reynolds' Number, Synthetic Ammonia is first produced by the Haber Process Yorktown, Virginia. showed that not only was magnetism equivalent to electricity in motion but Louis Pasteur gave a public demonstration of the effectiveness of 1947: the action of a specific hormone; the effect of an extract of adrenal gland by a number of molds and yeast. Similar epidemiological 1870: