Reconnect the gale. ― Check interlock. Check if wireless controls works properly when within a few feet of operator. • Low battery. ― Remove all accessory devices and test the operator. • Bad control board. • Low battery. If the opener lights blink, check the safety reversing sensor. Gate does not fully open or close when trying to learn limits. If the Open and dose Limits are set within the ramp down distance of each other, the gate will run at slow speed all the time. An installed accessory may be v/ired incorrectly or malfunctioning. b) Examine the hinge point where the arm mounts to the gate post. a) Photoelectric sensor inputs may be active. Building fuse blown or circuit breaker tripped. 2. Disconnect your Chamberlain garage door opener from the garage door by pulling the emergency release handle down and back towards the garage door. ― Repair or replace connections or control transformer. Check battery connections and battery voltage to be above 11.5 Vdc. Verify the wire connects between STOP and CTRL PWR terminals. Disconnect the operator(s) and verify that the gate(s) slide easily. • Bad motor connection. Door reverses for no apparent reason and opener light flashes 10 times: • Check The Protector System™ (if you have installed this accessory). a) Control station not connected or v/ired correctly. Charge batteries by AC or solar power or reploce batteries. ― If the yellow light is solid, the board needs to learn the motor. Chamberlain PowerLift Elite CS45EVO is a garage door opener intended for use on sectional garage doors. Safety sensors are misaligned or were momentarily obstructed. Check wiring for SBC button. Check inputs for command. The Chamberlain company has more than 40 years of experience in manufacturing of home control products. Operator does not run. If the sensor path is blocked, the garage door will not operate. Manually open and dose the door. Relay clicks with command, but motor does not turn on. Check battery connections and battery voltage to be above 11.5 Vdc. ― If both primary and secondary power is good, check to make sure that the J2 connector is making good contact with the pins on the control board. If the gate does not move continuously, disconnect the gate from Gate 2 and connect to the Gate 1 connector and repeat the attempt to move the gate. • Battery not connected. 1. Blue and green LEDs should blink on and off a few times when the Internet Gateway is initially powered. The door will move most of the way towards a limit then stop. 2) Cable wiring between control box and operator arm disconnected or loose. Remove the learn limit cover and move the learn limit nut to the center position. Also verify that the software is version 260 or better. Opener doesn't operate from either door control or remote: • Does the opener have electric power? Make sure the AC/Solor input is connected and that at least one battery is connected with the corresponding fuse intact. a) The Photo Eyes, edge or other sensing device is obstructed or activated. Adjust settings as needed, c) Check Shadow loop wire. Gate closes when OPEN button is pressed and limit switches do not function. The SonicWALL UDP connection timer should be changed to 120 seconds or greater. Chamberlain HD920EV garage door opener troubleshooting The HD920EV garage door opener created by the US-based company Chamberlain Group is a belt drive model with a battery backup feature. Motor does not run when OPEN or CLOSE button is pressed. Disconnect the operator by pressing the reset switch to RESET/DISCONNECT. ― If the yellow LED blinks six times, there is a master/second unit communication failure. • (Optional Accessory) Safety edge is damaged or on an obstruction. If the operator now runs without fault, check those accessories as well as their wiring. Failure to do so v/ill result in interference across the master/second communication line. • Obstruction sensed. • Low or defective battery. b) Check for obstruction in gate's path or travel. Disable the door lock. If operator is in a dual gate configuration, make sure that the communication wiring between the two units is undamaged and complete. Check for binding or obstructions, such as a broken spring or door lock, correct as needed.