I wonder if drinking a pint glass of water first thing when I wake up would have the same effect. ), it can help you lose weight," body image consultant and fitness and wellness expert Jennifer Cohen explained in an article for Forbes. After all, celery stalks contain just 6 calories per stalk. Numerous videos and photos will come up with die-hard fans raving about celery juice performing near ‘acts of God’ on their bodies. A dietitian offers celery juice 101, and whether it truly cleanses your body, helps with weight loss and inflammation. But can celery juice help you lose weight? "While celery juice isn't a magical cure for weight loss (is anything really? Celery is a nutritious, low-calorie veggie. By juicing the celery, you may gain weight than lose some as it contains more concentrated calories than eating the vegetable. Is celery juice good for you? If you’re new to the celery juice-craze, just take a moment to Google or search the hashtag #celeryjuice on any social platform. Another claim about Celery Juice being popular is because it can help with weight loss. Supports Weight Loss Celery juice helps to clean up & detoxify the liver and a sluggish, toxic liver is behind mystery weight gain. _ 3. Which could be a direct result of the celery juice, but it could just be the result of drinking more water (in the form of celery juice) each morning. Maybe, but it's not the silver bullet you're looking for. Celery juice for weight loss: Does it actually work? Because celery juice is able to reduce bloating, it can also serve another function. However, celery is also known as “negative-calorie food” as it takes more energy by digesting it more than it provides.