Connect coding to any subject and encourage students of all levels to discover computer programming! This topic includes [[feature_name]], available only on desktop. You need to capitalize: the first words in sentences. Please download and install the latest version of Adobe Flash Player. Grammar Vids for Kids: Capitalization by InkwellMedia Einstein and the Queen of England teach kids many capitalization rules including the first word of a sentence, I, … Capitalize Proper Nouns and Make Sentences. Capitalize the names of days, months and holidays. With Creative Coding, you can connect computer programming to any subject. Tuesday Easter August. Some of the worksheets for this concept are Capitalization, Capitalization work name capitalization, Capitalization work lesson 1, Capitalization rules, Capitalization and punctuation rules, Name capitalization practice, Capitalization, Name date work capitalization. Displaying top 8 worksheets found for - Rules For Capitalization. e.g. Always use a capital letter for… the first word of a sentence Thank you for the letter. Try your hand at computer programming with Creative Coding! © 1999–2020 BrainPOP. She paints the picture. the first word in direct quotations. Capitalize and Rewrite the Proper Nouns. e.g. All rights reserved. You are leaving BrainPOP to view an article on Newsela. Capitalize the first letter of every sentence. View our. Capitalize the first word of a direct quotation. This topic includes [[feature_name]], available only on desktop and/or tablet. Big letters, small letters: Knowing when to use them makes for proper grammar! Check your students' knowledge and unleash their imaginations with Creative Coding projects. Capitalization Rules. e.g. To get started, all you have to do is. When you are creating sentences, certain aspects of a sentence must be capitalized. Dr. William. Keep students on track with school access, Keep students on track with a school subscription. the first word in a quotation She said, “ Today is beautiful.” the greeting and closing in a letter Dear John Sincerely, Sherry the names of days, months, and holidays Thursday November Thanksgiving Susan said,”Please pass me the salt”. Please enable JavaScript on your browser. e.g. by using the Quiz Mixer with a My BrainPOP account. Give children of grade 2 and grade 3 a good practice in capitalizing proper nouns like names of days, months, places, etc, regardless of where they are placed in a sentence. If you have a BrainPOP teacher account, log in.Learn how teachers can make BrainPOP-style assessments