Seriously, I am confused here, scared to chew the guavas in front of me with the seed now... . My aunt have some seeds taken out of of her appendix when they got inflamed. The skin and seeds of guava contains Carotene, glycosides, flavonoids, and phenolic compounds. The only problem it could very well cause is one called diverticulitis which is an inflammation of the diverticulum in the intestines. So, in this article we will give you 8 steps to eat guava ranging from how to choose the perfect guava fruit on the tree, prepare it and how to eat. If you do not like to eat guava seeds yet want to derive the health benefits of this food then you can get guava seed extract from the market. Eating guava fruits as a snack will provide your own pleasure if you know how to do. Thank you very much for the added information. Well explained. Another interesting way to enjoy the benefits of guava seeds is to smatter them on ice-cream or a fruit salad. Thanks for that added information Tonton. When the appendix gets infected with bad bacteria it gets swollen and has to be removed. this is called appendicitis. If process not sucessful than surgery is necessary. You can chew and eat the seeds along with the fruit pulp to relish its distinct flavour. It’s not because they are toxic (they are, in fact, edible) but because a blender (even the most high-end blenders on the market) will break them into tiny, jagged pieces that can potentially scratch your esophagus and digestive tract. Medical procedures are inserting an NG tube through nasal passages down to intestines to suck out seeds stuck on intestines. Are they safe for parrots or just the flesh? I guess having Too Much guava seeds inside our stomach is really Bad... Oh lord, this will probably be me in a few days :'(, Its has a hidden myth that may not know allEating guvava with whole seeds solves lot of internal problems scrubbing from intake to outake. Picked up a Guava at Whole Foods the other day. The intestines are connected to the stomach and the large intestines have a small pocket on the side that is full of good bacteria that help in digestion. Sensitivity to acidity is different. Its a shame if Guavas cause appendicitis. I was suffering from a minor Anal Fissure and I read somewhere that guavas are natural laxatives, so I filled myself with guavas, a good 1 kg including seeds. It is probably not possible to cause appendicitis either. I has never experienced any problem with the guava seeds so far, and I am over 60. Moreover, you can apply guava seed oil on your skin to maintain skin moisture for soft and supple skin. This pocket is called the appendix. You can do this by using a spoon to scrape the seeds out. Drs warn against consumption. The guava seeds could never get stuck in the kidneys because the kidneys filter blood. But for a tube like that reach your intestines, it would have to go threw your stomach. Picked up a Guava at Whole Foods the other day. I didn't taste the pepper, but they were pretty hard so I didn't chew them much! It is rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids. When there are guava seeds in my mouth, I feel a strong desire to swallow them. Then a few days later my stomch starting hurting really bad; it felt like someone was scraping my skin on the inside of my stomach. There is a possibility that, the seeds get stuck inside the appendix. Guava seeds cause intestinal obstruction ! [b]Is It Really Bad to Chew or Swallow the Guava Seeds Somebody claimed that his parent advised him not to eat guava fruit if he wishes to preserve his teeth. well, if you eat too much of it-- the seeds- it can have an affect in your appendix. I am not sure about safety, but have you tried tasting guava seeds? Yes, guava seeds are safe to eat and if you have ingested them along with the guava fruit then there is no need to worry. Then a few days later my stomch starting hurting really bad; it felt like someone was scraping my skin on the inside of my stomach. Does Eating Guava Fruit Good for Diabetes? I've found it included in bird safe fruits lists but nothing about the seeds. Meanwhile taking 3 days of Ivi liquids and medicines to relieve birth like pain. Not only that but guava also contain antibiotics and anti-inflammatory. Divertuculitis is pockets in your intestines that the seeds would.get stuck in. You shouldn't eat the guava seed, a few days ago i ate a bunch of guava and I ate the seeds too, because I was lazy. Love them too... i eat like two a day.... i usually put them in a blender and mix with other fruit and drink....Since i started eating them ,i go to bathroom easy.... i love love guava.... Somebody claimed that his parent advised him not to eat, Is It Really Bad to Chew or Swallow the Guava Seeds, Gain or Lose your Weight with the Guava Fruit. However, since you guys claim that it is edible then you can just grind them and drink like a tea. Do not swallow the seeds. Other than that, you will also get to learn everything about Guavas. I've found guavas on every list of bird safe fruits and none of those list mention anything about the seeds. This can cause scar tissue build up later on. But there are some unlucky ones. Beside eat its flash, we also can eat the seeds but carefully. This is a condition where there are weak pockets in the intestines. JavaScript is disabled. I was crying and couldn't walk, i had to go to the doctor to get medicine to be able to digest it easier. In fact, guava is one of the few fruits which can be eaten as a whole without worrying about the removal of seeds. Therefore your statement seriously makes zero sense, and I think you're spreading inaccurate. I don't know if I have diverticulitis but I have pain when eating the tomato soup because this are acidic. Oh no! The kidneys are not connected to the stomach or any part of the digestive system. I think I may play it safe and scoop them out, or at least most of them out. You must log in or register to reply here. Is it safe to eat Guava if all the seeds are removed fiirst?The seeds are so numerous and so deeply embedded in the fruit that its not practical to remove all the seeds.