The action the Briefcase will take is configurable by right clicking the icon. And the letter k key hs a 2 on it. The icon shows when you’re connected to a power source, and when the battery is fully charged or is currently charging. The lock icon on twitter means an account is a private account and hence has protected tweets. @finlay - That's a toggle indicator for what your function keys do. Edward C. Baig is the tech columnist for USA Today and co-author of all editions of iPad For Dummies and iPhone For Dummies. About the Book Author. The emoji search engine. This means that accounts that are not following that particular account cannot view its tweets and accounts following it cannot retweet it. It installed its own version of Play Store, Gmail, GCal, Contacts, GDrive, Chrome, and even My Files, each with that briefcase icon overlaying the app icon. The key with ? Yes I know what it is. Is there a diagram or a listing of the keys and their symbols on the English keyboard of a Dell Inspiron 1526 laptop? I have my work email setup through android enterprise and when you turn off work mode using the quick toggle that icon will show up as long as work mode is disabled. It also appears on files that I download from a shared server on my domain and in the right corner of my internet address bar when I'm on an internal site. A fast emoji search experience with options to browse every emoji by name, category, or platform. You see an on-screen message when the charge drops to 20 percent or below and another when it reaches 10 percent. Search more than 600,000 icons for Web & Desktop here. For instance, there is a depiction of the sun with a small arrow above or below it on the up and the down arrow keys. When deleting the file I noticed there are now briefcase icons attached to all my documents and folders in my OneDrive. If there are differences between the copies, the Briefcase shows a dialog box with an icon and a description indicating the action it will take when synchronizing; that is, whether it will replace the copy in the Briefcase with the external file or vice versa. doesn’t combine them), there’s not much difference. Briefcase Icons - Download 57 Free Briefcase icons @ IconArchive. When I'm on any other site the briefcase turns back into a padlock. In one state (lock symbol but without the little round symbol in upper right) you get only the F1 through F12 functionality unless you press Fn first - in which case you then get the other marked multimedia function. Try doing Fn-Esc and you will see it toggle. Other than having to open that Gmail app to open work email (i.e.