A twist-off cap makes this wine accessible and irrefutably portable. CONTACT TO BUY OR … This Pinot Noir is beautifully executed, with notes of cherries and currants. Turns out, October isn't the only month to celebrate German culture and imbibing, throughout the month of July, join us in celebrating 31 Days of German Riesling for your chance to win one of ten Wines of Germany branded bikes. Taste@Home. Within a half-mile radius of my front door, I visited four off-licences and found all ten of them, buying five each of Merlot and Shiraz, the UK’s most popular red wine varieties. Deals: We're on the look-out for great wine deals and when we see them, we'll send you an email A brand for every taste and celebration big and small. Producer Wein und Gastehaus Brand. Average rating 4.4 100 ratings Average price — View shops Add to cart Save. Though this wine has roots in Germany, it has made its way to other countries. Spirits from wine distillate. Find German wines online and local businesses now offering home delivery. Germany, Mosel. cans feature the brand’s classic, mango and pineapple varieties. FRENCH INSPIRED WINES. The Vineyards. Karas, the winery name, means ‘amphora’ in Armenian, a sacred wine-making clay vessel used here for 6,000 years.That, combined with Armenia’s ancient oenological culture, inspires us to chart the future of the birthplace of wine while reclaiming the mantle as a producer of the world’s most desired wines. Wine Shop. You have to be 18+ to enter this site. Rated 88 by Wine Enthusiast. Pair with seafood and chicken. Consider us your primary source for information on German wine regions, statistics, and fun facts, plus promotions and events here in the U.S.! As a leading wine exporter the winery makes German wines popular in the whole world: with Black Tower the most successful German wine brand worldwide comes from Reh Kendermann. This bottle carries a bit of magic by retailing for under ten euros and tasting about twice that. Many wine-makers have tried and failed with this temperamental variety. Pinot Blanc, Sylvaner Pfalz, Germany Sparkling Fun times had with this fresh and fruity pet nat from the brothers in Germany. The expertise across all Germany's picturesque winemaking regions is second to none at every level. This wine is highly aromatic, fruity or flowery in taste and has a high acidity level that is often balanced by adding sugar. Top quality German Spätburgunder is now emerging from various regions, particularly Baden, Pfalz and even the tiny Ahr Valley. Next update in 5 days We tend to think of Germany producing sweeter styles, but the truth is that the vast majority is dry, not just from the warmer regions such as Baden and Pfalz, but also in the Mosel, Nahe and Rheingau. We have rigorously chosen growths offering the finest value for money. It has a mild fruity, nutty and spicy aroma. The most famous wine regions in Germany are in Franconia and along the rivers Rhein and Mosel with the wine road winding its way from wine village to wine village. It can be confusing to navigate a German wine label, but we have made it easy for you with this informative overview of German wine. Look for a Weinstube (wine room) where you can sample to your heart's (if not your head's) delight. Fifth-generation winemaker Daniel Brand first brought organic production to his Bockenheim family farm in 2007 and - joined by brother Jonas - started producing wines without sulphur in 2014. Region / Appellation Pfalz. Throughout the 19th century and until 1960, Eiswein harvests were a rare occurrence in Germany. When you think of German wine, it’s common to think of Riesling. For over 2,000 years, the Germans have pioneered vineyard practices and winemaking techniques to create some of the most complex, delicious wines on the market. CALIFORNIA INSPIRED WINES. And Germany certainly was well known for fine wine: in the 19th century, German “Hock” sold for higher prices than first growth Bordeaux. Its bouquet is of rhubarb, strawberries, and raspberries – making it a summertime classic. Grauburgunder, or Pinot Gris, is a popular white wine. Consider us your primary source for information on German wine regions, statistics, and fun facts, plus promotions and events here in the U.S.! This is more of a hearty Rosé that integrates a light sweetness with every sip. IntoWine.com posed this question to a panel of wine experts: What's the one German white wine you'd recommend seeking out? Wikimedia Commons has media related to Companies and brands of Germany. Sauvignon Blanc isn’t a German native grape, but that’s the beautiful thing about evolution: things can change. A long tradition of producing quality wine runs in the blood of this family. Last Name. It’s a juicy, notably drinkable wine that carries aromas of gooseberry, grapefruit and other delicately citrusy fruits. As well as the medium-dry styles that launched Germany onto the global stage, the country produces vibrant, dry wines of exceptional quality. 6. Sign In My Account. Want to see your favorites in the list? Although still hard to find in your local wine shop, an increasing number of high quality German wines are now flowing across the Atlantic, recapturing the reputation they once possessed internationally. Beringer, California, U.S.A. sold 8,0 million cases: The Beringer Vineyards boast a timeless appeal and seductive flavor of the Napa Valley. This region, called Alto Adige or Südtirol, is located in Italy but has an equal mix of people from Italian and German descent. German wine may be one of the world’s best-kept secrets. (12.6-oz.) Wine Style Dessert - Lush and Balanced. French wine traces its history to the 6th century BC, with many of France's regions dating their wine-making history to Roman times. Connect with us. Germany – famous primarily for the world-class Riesling produced in its Mosel region – is entering a new stage of its wine history. Made from 100-percent riesling grapes grown in south-central Germany, both are semi-sweet, aromatic, have a hint of citrus and are fruity. Technically it’s a rosé, but it’s innovative and a unique way to manipulate the Pinot Noir grapes: the power of white combined with the power of red to coalesce as one fragrant summertime favorite.