After fighting a large gelatinous blob, Eliot accidentally swallows monster vomit and begins to change into a mutant. Saved by a woman named Janine King (Lani Minella), the duo head to the control center of KIMRAs base. The duo head back to the control room and Janine uses the keycard to access information involving the "Gigadent". The duo reconvene inside the control center and discuss with Janine what their next plan of action is. As the barrier around the island fades, Eliot wonders if he'll see Nephilim again, while Dogs assures he most likely won't and the trio leave together. There, they meet Janine formally and discuss what to do. When a mysterious, ethereal being called Nephilim shows up to chase Ballade, he takes it upon himself to solve the enigma of Dinosaur Island.[3]. Realizing that the mutation is from a virus KIMRA discovered on the island, the duo make a vaccine to cure Eliot and escape the labs. Certain areas contain environmental hazards that really only serve to delay the player than impose any kind of interesting obstacle. [citation needed] However, others celebrated the new camera style as a feature that gave the game an edge over survival horror games that utilized fixed angles, such as Resident Evil. However, there is not enough power, and suggests heading to the power station. Exclusive postcards, book previews, and more. Janine concocts a plan to use the top of a wave tower as a sniping position to unlock the ventilation shaft. The visuals of Blue Stinger are… inconsistent. The virus and subsequent mutations it caused were side effects to allow "Jascony" to easier absorb the planet and move onto the next. Este fue localizado en América del Norte por Activision. When asked what he’ll do if he’s attacked while butt-naked, his response is “Then I’ll fight back butt-naked! Not helping are the models that have obvious polygon joints and bizarre abdominal 4-packs to really creepy over-stretched textures of Santa Claus advertising Hassy. Saldremos por la entrada sur y seguiremos todo recto, hasta la sala de acceso de las tuberías de agua; subiremos por las escaleras del fondo a otro cuarto. Runabout is the Japanese title of the Playstation game that was re-named Felony 11-79 in the U.S.), a crewman aboard a local supply ship. Cuando un misterioso, etéreo llamado Nefilim demuestra perseguir a Ballade para cazar, se lo toma a sí mismo para resolver el enigma de la Isla de los Dinosaurios. Well, everything seemed to have gone to plan, but Jascony hatches any way and surfaces to the center of Gigadent. Donec quis mi sed magna hendrerit accumsan. The duo head back to the control room and Janine uses the keycard to access information involving the "Gigadent". The environments in Blue Stinger are entirely 3D. In 2018, Eliot Ballade, an elite member of the ESER (Emergency Sea Evacuation and Rescue) forces, is vacationing near Dinosaur Island when something falls from the sky and leaves the island sealed under a mysterious dome of energy. Eliot swims to shore. When a mysterious, ethereal being called Nephilim shows up to chase Ballade, he takes it upon himself to solve the enigma of Dinosaur Island.[1]. Saltaremos el agua y bajaremos hasta llegar a la habitación que lleva a la torre. This game was originally developed by a Japanese video game studio, Climax Graphics, and designed by then Climax CEO, Shinya Nishigaki. The meteor that hit Earth 65 million years ago was actually an egg. It was localized in North America, Europe and Australia by Activision. The two team up as they explore the island and confront the monsters and mutations that have taken it over. The meteor that hit Earth 65 million years ago was actually an egg. The game was conceived by then-Climax CEO, Shinya Nishigaki. The most notable moments of these is when while in the middle of infiltrating a high-security lab, he insists on having a bath. One might ponder the cost of human life when finding that safety hooks and cables are available to construction workers in vending machines for 500 dollars each. The research base features many different buildings and installations, including a power plant, an underground cloning facility, and a Christmas-themed market and entertainment district. Blue Stinger (ブルー スティンガー, Burū Sutingā) is an action survival horror game released in 1999 for the Dreamcast game console, developed by Climax Graphics and originally published by Sega, with publishing rights outside of Japan obtained by Activision. While the location designs and textures clearly have a lot of work and effort put into them to give an almost cyberpunk degree of neon and corporate culture, a large degree of the level layouts are incomprehensibly bad. Here you are introduced to Eliot G. Ballade, a member of E.S.E.R. Complicating matters are bad attempts at Zelda block puzzles and ridiculous optional timed events which will grant rewards, usually in the form of weapons for the dynamic duo. blue stinger original soundtrack / / ブルースティンガー オリジナル・サウンドトラック ... jascony: 1:13: 15: parting: 2:17: 16: ending: 4:22: 17: epilogue: 1:10: disc length 44:55 notes . The game's notorious for its drastic switches in tone, out-of-place bombastic soundtrack, and sub-par voice dubbing. Despite the M rating Blue Stinger is still subject to censorship as one of the areas in the market dedicated to pornography has been subject to catastrophic violence in the Japanese version while the western versions have the same room looking very clean, copy-pasted and chaste. (Especial Sea Rescue) Unit C730, and his friend Tim(note, the logo on Tim's hat is the logo from another game by Blue Stinger's creators, Climax. ), then run to the other edge, avoiding close contact with it. En Blue Stinger contaremos dos personajes principales y varios segundarios que completarán el juego, los mas importantes son:-Elliot G. Ballade y Dogs Bower se encargaran del trabajo sucio, recorrerán toda la isla eliminando la fauna mutante. Despite impressive visuals. Sweet, sweet child. Meeting a doctor, the two eventually meet Dr. Jacob, the lead scientist on the "Gigadent"., Wikipedia:Artículos con datos por trasladar a Wikidata, Wikipedia:Artículos con identificadores LCCN, Licencia Creative Commons Atribución Compartir Igual 3.0. The gameplay involves Eliot and Dogs traversing the island with an attempt at limited ammunition and healing items in the form of drinks and food. You have scenarios such as going to the Sega arcade and using an actual gun on a drop-target game, breaking the machine and getting an over-sized plush to give to a little girl in exchange for a door-code. “2000 A.D. A great earthquake rocks the Yucatan Peninsula causing an area of land 400 kilometers in diameter to sink into the ocean, leaving behind only a small island at the exact center of the sunken area. Nephilim is actually revealed to be the spirit of the meteorite that hit the Gigadent in order to destroy Jascony, and the meteor is jammed inside a ventilation shaft within Gigadent. The world-famous fictional beverage of choice found it’s origin in Blue Stinger in the form of an energy drink, which is one of the first forms of healing that the player will come across, slam back and proceed to litter with an animation that’s just as canned as the beverage. Critically and collectively panned for being one of the worst games to ever grace the Sega Dreamcast launch line-up, (available in the US one whole week before the Dreamcast launched!)