If its a box you're building or buying, never go for a box with a perch of any kind, bird boxes do not need a perch as it only helps predators access the box. Excellent quality all I have to do now is convince the blackbird that this is better than my bird table. Site this box in good cover in shrubs, a hedge or low in a bushy tree, we have one thats attached to the garden wall behind thick shrubs and it works great. Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 12 May 2017, Great Quality bird box wife and I are so happy with our purchase , we will be buying more , our black bird is over joyed and must feel like the king of the gardan. Can anyone suggest a design for a nest box which would incorporate a panel at the front so that predators could not enter. This nest box should be at least 10″ long and at least 7″ wide with the backboard at least 6″ high and the front board 8 or 9″ high. *The gift card will be loaded to your linked Amazon.co.uk account. Rather larger common bird that needs a large entrance hole to pass through, and so it does with it measuring 120mm by 120mm, so a perfect square shape. Please choose a different delivery location. Smaller, common garden bird such as Robins and in rarer cases the Wren will take to open front boxes with identical opening in width and height. UK only. Measuring approx 12" wide by 14" high by 6" thick its actually twice the size! Get a £30 Amazon Gift Card upon approval*. Attracting House and Tree Sparrows comes in the maximum 28mm size hole, with the need to site a colony box or position multiple boxes side by side. Very rare to buy a bird box for the Flycatcher needs, so would need to make it yourself. Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 30 January 2020. This box is made from our usual solid redwood and is bigger than the robin box allowing blackbirds to nest in it. Blue Tit looking out from the woodcrate nesting box on tree. And although most commercially available boxes are made from wood with a triangular opening, more inventive boxes with curved, rounded corners are acceptable. If a rounded entrance hole is of a larger size, say 45mm, then the Wren will also take to a more traditional nesting box with a round shape entrance. You could then attract them to a woodcrete design bird box to stop them taking over. Small common garden birds like Blue, Coal and Marsh Tits require a 25mm hole, well a Great Tit, Swift, House and Tree Sparrow need a 28mm hole. Attracting common wild birds to nest in your bird nesting box would depend highly on not just where its sited, but the size and shape of the entrance hole . Made of solid redwood. Rarer birds the House Martin and Woodpeckers need a large 45mm hole, with most other species needing a rectangular entrance hole starting with a 100mm opening. Certain species of wild birds will only nest in boxes where the bird box hole size is not the usual round, but more a rectangular shape. Small falcons require larger openings with cover over the entrance which helps keep the interior dry. Approved third parties also use these tools in connection with our display of ads. But its not the usual square or rectangular shaped opening, nope; its more a half circle with the box made in a rounded, ceramic nesting box, which would be sited up high in the house eaves. Squared or rounded off corners are fine, but should measure 28mm by 65mm. Kestrel nesting boxes have an open fronted design with a 120mm high squared entrance hole opening with a width measuring up to 350mm. Well we've done our best to research bird box hole sizes, know they could differentiate depending on the source you're referencing. If you're lucking enough to attract a House Martin to your bird box, then it would be one with an entrance hole that measures reduced nest size, but significantly larger (73%) in the group with increased nest size (Fig. Fallen Fruits NKN Wren Nest Box from Fal... Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site. They have to hop out and down, and then try to stay hidden until their flight feathers develop - the parents will continue to feed them whilst they are on the ground. Robin bird boxes also extend to natural log and ceramic boxes, with the entrance hole varying in size and shape; though the wooden boxes are more popular. We use cookies and similar tools to enhance your shopping experience, to provide our services, understand how customers use our services so we can make improvements, and display ads. We work hard to protect your security and privacy. Blackbirds do make their nests in vulnerable places for some reason, They have to be low down because the fledglings can't fly for quite a while after leaving the nest. Well it may only refer to House Sparrows if its a bird box for your garden you require, then the wooden box with three rounded holes is a common choice. Amazon Platinum Mastercard Kinney Swallow Nest Box. Well constructed solidly built nesting/roosting box, Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 20 October 2018. Measuring approx 12" wide by 14" high by 6" thick its actually twice the size! Nuthatches just might take to any wooden bird box with a hole measuring 32mm. Well made product.