Thanks for sharing your helpful tip with other readers Nancy! Thanks soooo much for this terrific recipe Mrs. Hi Kimberly, I wonder if your cake possibly didn’t rise properly which would cause it to stick and seem like too much filling. For the topping, beat together 3/4 cup heavy cream with 1 Tbsp powdered sugar for 2 min on high speed until fluffy and spreadable. ***To prevent cracks in cake roll, it should be rolled in the linen towel right after it comes out of the oven. Thank you! Thank you! It’s best enjoyed within a day but it will stay good in the fridge up to 3 days or depending on how fresh your berries are. Will definitely make again. Hi, Natasha!! Thanks for sharing . I love all your recipes. I’ve made it today, it is so delusions and delicious! Remove from oven and right away run a thin edged spatula or knife around edges of your cake to loosen from the pan. Is it okay if I use frozen blackberries instead of fresh ones? I hope that helps for next time! Thank you for sharing your great review! This cake was delicious and it made the cake more moist and yummy!Thanks for sharing nice cake recipe. You could generously serve 8 people or make it go as far as 20 if you had other desserts on the menu. Was anything altered in the recipe? Meanwhile, combine all ingredients for lemon syrup (water, sugar, lemon juice), stir to dissolve sugar and set aside. I just made this delicious lemon blackberry cake roll. Late night. I’m so glad you loved it!! Hi Sab, Yes, we keep this cake roll refrigerated. I’m so happy you loved it!! Thank you so much for being patient! Thank you!! I felt like I couldn’t stop eating it and every bite tasted HEAVENLY!!!! You’re so nice! Could using less sugar have caused the cake not to rise? I have refrigerated it overnight and served the following day. Natasha, what is the brand of cream cheese do you use? I made 2. Meanwhile, combine all ingredients for lemon syrup (water, sugar, lemon juice), stir to dissolve sugar and set aside. So light and fluffy. I did the best I could, covered it in Saran Wrap to chill overnight in the fridge……I really loved this recipe, you make it seem so easy! Thank you for sharing that with us! This melt-in-your-mouth fluffy and moist Blackberry Lemon Cake Roll (a.k.a. It is divine Trish! Hi Pat, I think blackberries or raspberries are best since they break up easily and still look good in the frosting. Therefore, I added a bit of vanilla extract to the icing. did step by step how you explain churn out very good. I will try it very soon! So weird… Help Natasha!! Please let me know what you think! I tried making it but the cake cracked when i was rolling it on the towel and also the parchment paper was sticking to the cake that it took a bit longer taking it off from the cake. My cake stuck to the parchment, and also the tea towel. Carefully Unroll cake and loosen from the towel. It turned very good. Lol.. if I use my hand mixer does it honestly still result into the same deliciousness? can we make the spounge without eggs. Thanks so much Natasha , That’s awesome!! Thank you so much Ligy! I would wait to add the powdered sugar, whipped cream topping and fresh blackberries/lemon until the day you are serving. That’s so great to hear Christina! My cake was a little dry. Wow, definitely should have heeded some of these reviews. If you skip that step, the cake doesn’t form the “muscle memory” to create the roll without cracking. This came out TERRIBLE. What a disappointment to find out Easter morning that your dessert will fail. Hope to figure out what went wrong! All your recipe are amazing. They’re about to be farm picked fresh down here in Florida. If I do not put the filling/frosting right away into the cake, can the cake stay outside the refrig overnight? I made this cake and it was so delicious!!! Thanks for stopping by! I would like to make this recipe but I don’t have any cream cheese readily on hand. The flavors in general were light, perhaps it could also use a little blackberry jelly layer in the filling. It is extremely important to beat the eggs and sugar for the time stated. I was so excited to make this cake but sadly it didn’t work out the two times I made it becuase the cake gets stuck to the towel. Hi Juliana, It is difficult to say what the issue is but I am always happy to help troubleshoot – did you use parchment paper? Thank you! Brush the top evenly with your lemon syrup. . If you skip that step or wait too long, the cake doesn’t form the “muscle memory” to create the roll without cracking. made it for easter everyone loved it. I’m glad to hear you love recipe! . Maybe it has to do with using frozen blackberries – I’m not sure but I have made it in advance and it was just as good the next day. Made this tonight for my husband’s birthday. Thanks for this recipe! It squished out quite a bit which caused me to try and roll less tightly which of course led to a flat roll. i did roll the cake initially.. Once it’s at room temp, cover loosely but fully with plastic wrap and you can keep it at room temperature overnight. Hooray for make-ahead desserts! I have a question…could I make it into a 9′ layer cake? Hi Natasha, I was SO excited to make this for Mother’s Day tomorrow. It is very important to use parchment and not wax paper – it will stick badly to wax paper. Love your blog SO much! Have made chocolate with w. cream and strawberries, white with w. cream and chopped fresh peaches and lemon. Please let me know what you think of the recipe! *If using a good electric hand mixer instead of a stand mixer, add 2 min to eggs/sugar mixing time. I was asked for a recipe. Hi Kristina! I left out the flour mixture ‍♀️. I remember you mentioning freezing cakes and I would love to know which ones froze the best. Here you'll find delicious, trusted recipes with easy step-by-step photos and videos. I hope that helps for next time! I don’t a have a linen towel. I was hoping this would turn out well for a dinner party. Not sure what the issue was . Do you use up all the glaze liquid for this and your other Swiss roll recipes? Thank you for the video as well – I’m confident I can do this! I would however advise not using the lemon juice as it can easily deflate your mixture. Stop mixing when you no longer see streaks of flour. It does however help to peel it back as soon as it comes out of the oven and to never use wax paper. Hello Natasha, I tried your recipe today and the sponge was quite soft. You’re welcome Laima! . I understand that blackberries as a garnish are quite lovely. Do I use the whole egg or just the whites for the sponge? Hi Ms Belle, I’m so glad you enjoyed that! Hi Charlotte, make sure not to change any of the proportions in the recipe or cut down sugar or it can be overpowering. Hi Olga, I am using less eggs here because it fits better into the rimmed baking sheet and bakes up more evenly for the pan size. We do not have a book yet but it is on my life’s to-do list. It will stick a little and doesn’t come of completely clean as there is no fat added to the cake so that is normal and expected. Additionally, I don’t know how you got it to be so evenly swirled in your photos without the cream spilling over. They both thought it was store bought because it not only looked beautiful, it turned out so DELICIOUS (these people never give me any credit…lol). I am Natasha, the blogger behind Natasha's Kitchen (since 2009). hi Natasha! Thanks for the recipe. Where is the link to the weighted measures for the recipe…I can’t find it! THANK YOU!! LOVE your recipes!! Is this normal? Add coarsely chopped blackberries and stir into cream with mixer on low, just until incorporated. The sponge turned out nice and light but I could hardly taste the lemon. Thank you thank you thank you:). Hi Natasha, Love this recipe but found that the cake that was not eaten the first day was “soggier” the next day…I’m thinking from the lemon syrup. Perfect with a cup of tea. You’re welcome! Hi Shakila, I think it would fit if it is a springform pan with 3″ walls, otherwise, it would overwhelm a single regular 8″ cake pan. Although I followed all the steps the sponge cake wasn’t as soft as in your video, it was a bit harder to cut. Gradually add sugar and beat on high 7 min. I’d give this recipe a 3/5. Thanks. It takes on moisture really well and won’t get soggy for several days. I can’t understand what I did wrong?? Take a bite of this Blackberry Lemon Cake Roll and you’ll have no words, only sound effects. I have tested this one with more syrup and it was difficult to roll so I found this amount the be the best balance of moisture and roll-ability . Ready, Set,… Bake!! I’m in the process of making this cake and have a question. My first attempt at a cake roll. chopped (reserving 6 whole berries to garnish). I haven’t tried freezing this assembled but I do think it would work well.