– and there's a headlight on the front, which is great if entering the dark territory under beds and sofas. It feels decently sturdy and comes with a sufficiently large dirt compartment, so you don't have to empty … With its streamlined, smart black and white body, you could leave it in your living room without it attracting adverse glances. You can easily switch between a cloth floor head, which worked wonders on wooden floors, and one designed for carpets – also excellent. The battery is removable, so if you're not using the wall mount, you can easily detach it from the device to charge (there was a loud humming noise when my battery charged for the first time, though not for the second.) Best Bosch Pet Vacuum: Bosch BCH6PETGB Athlet Animal. With a run time of up to 55 minutes, you... Athlet Ultimate BCH732KTGB Cordless Vacuum Cleaner - White & Silver. The only bagged cordless vacuum cleaners I tried were made by Gtech. And I didn't find the need to go any higher. Credit subject to status. The Vax Blade 2, however, is powerful on its highest setting, though noisy, too. With a run time of up to 50 minutes and consistent performance, you can clean multiple rooms with ease before needing to recharge the vacuum.Its... Serie 6 Athlet Power BBH65KITGB Cordless Vacuum Cleaner - Silver. Both DSG Retail Ltd and Creation Consumer Finance Ltd are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. The vacuum can also transform from an upright cleaner to a handheld one, which is handy when cleaning stairs or tall nooks. The vacuums's price has already come down by £100 recently, making it a great alternative to the Dyson Cyclone, if you're looking to economise. Here's what we found while reviewing the best cordless vacuums on the market, starting with our very favourite... Why we like it: Performs as well as a traditional vacuum, with a battery that outlasts the others. Then there's the wand: when the floor head is attached, you can push it around like a normal standing vacuum cleaner. If you've got less to spend, the Vax ONEPWR Blade 4 is our best-value cordless vacuum … The best cordless vacuum for carpets that we've tested is the Shark ION P50 Upright. Why we like it: Performs as well as a traditional vacuum, with a battery … Miss. Powerful suctionFrom spilled cereal to dust and cobwebs, the Bosch Athlet Ultimate BCH732KTGB Cordless Vacuum Cleaner makes cleaning and scooping dirt easy with a powerful 32.4 V motor and Bosch lithium-ion batteries.SmartSensor control uses an... Athlet BCH6ATH1GB Cordless Vacuum Cleaner - Silver & Black. As for the sucking power, well, this vacuum sucks. In terms of design, the Bosch Unlimited was my favourite. See: The Telegraph's guide to the best steam cleaners. This can cause blockages, performance to decline, and a misconception that your vacuum is faulty. I was also fond of the on-off trigger (most have buttons), which makes the Cyclone V10 feel extremely responsive, and helps save the battery, as whenever you remove your index finger it switches off. And with two included, you'll get the entire house spic and span... Serie 4 Flexxo BBH3251GB Cordless Vacuum Cleaner - White. Why we like it: Cheaper than the others – though not as powerful. Our websites Currys PC World Business | Currys.ie | Partmaster | TechTalk | About us Corporate site | Careers | PR & media | Statement on Modern Slavery© DSG Retail Limited. Simply wash, dry and return to the vacuum cleaner to maintain optimum cleaning performance. The second-best performer in our group of cordless vacuums was the Shark Rocket Pet Pro Cordless. With a run time of up to 55 minutes and powerful suction, you can clean multiple rooms with ease before needing to recharge the vacuum.Its... Serie 6 Athlet ProAnimal BCH86PETGB Cordless Vacuum Cleaner - Red. Most consist of a main body, with a comfortable handle and an on and off button. These days, you can get suction as effective as a corded device; battery life of up to an hour; and a whole host of attachments for versatile cleaning – but you do have to pay a little more to do so. Just attach it to the handheld section and get rid of all those crumbs in no time at all. The main advantage is that the vacuums tend to be smaller and lighter, and often come with a wall mount – so you can pick it up, dust off a spillage, put it back on the mount, and carry on with your life. 3. To test out the cordless vacuums, we put them through regular tasks – carpets, wood floors, cars – and rated them for weight, ease of use, battery life and more. It was also by far the quietest (or, rather, least noisy) that I got my hands on. Folding up super small, and with an extendable handle which grows to full length, it's ideal for city dwellers or those with little storage space. Vacuums from Bosch are engineered with German meticulousness and attention-to-detail. Gardner says a bagged option might be better for dust allergy sufferers, or asthmatics, as there is a danger of breathing in particles when emptying the canister. After thorough testing by Caramel, we have voted the Dyson V11 Absolute as the best cordless vacuum cleaner in 2020. There really isn't much more you could hope for from a vacuum and, if you opt for the 'TruePet' model, it even includes a motorised pet tool that whips embedded hair out of sofas, stairs and upholstery. It's very expensive, but there's no denying that it's very good, too. Clean more of your home in one go Powered by Lithium-ion batteries, the Bosch Serie 4 Flexxo BBH3251GB Cordless Vacuum Cleaner delivers a consistent performance for longer to help you keep your home clean. Exclusions apply. With a run time of up to 60 minutes and powerful suction, you can clean multiple rooms with ease before needing to recharge the vacuum.Its... Serie 4 Athlet ProPower BBH6POWGB Cordless Vacuum Cleaner - Black.