You can be very flexible with your light. Harvesting while wet will rupture the fruit vesicles and cause bruising. Colorful, with small pulp and caviar-like vesicles. So how do you grow Australian finger lime outside of these growing zones? Step 1: Container for Australian Finger Lime trees. AFL trees are VERY tricky to grow, and they are quite sensitive to underwatering! Pollination Requirements: Self-fertile. Bloom Time: Winter Between regular potting soil and the fertilizer we recommend, you will have all the macronutrients and micronutrients that your tree needs and a simple fertilizing schedule for easy and effective fertilizing when you get your tree and for every February, May, and August. It has a UL certified socket, electrical cord included as well. Use standard safety precautions, don't let babies and pets stare directly into the light or touch the heat from the grow light! Site and Soil: In spring, summer and fall, keep your potted Citrus in a location with 1/2 day to full sun. Latin Name: Microcitrus australasica If you do not live in those regions, we do not recommend planting your Australian finger lime in the ground. The plant itself is essentially identical to the finger lime we’ve grown for years but the fruits have a reddish-green skin and when you crack them open the citrus caviar inside is a bright pink to red color with a slightly more fruity flavor than the typical finger lime. This unusual variety is sometimes called Citrus Caviar. Step 7: Where Do I Buy My Australian Finger Lime Tree? It takes a long time to get good Australian Finger Limes. First of all, if you live in the states of California, Arizona, Louisiana, or Florida, you will need to purchase your Australian Finger Lime tree locally as they cannot be imported into your state because of USDA regulations. At our retail garden center we offer seasonal fruit tasting, preservation and plant care classes as well as hold events in the community. Afterward, you can adjust your watering schedule appropriately. You also don't have to worry about the pH balance of the soil. Ripening Time: Late fall into winter We do not recommend gardening soil or topsoil to use for container gardening. Australian Fingers Limes, also called citrus caviar, are a unique looking citrus. If the leaves are wilted and dry, your tree needs more water. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED -. You can use any sort of potting mix. We are a family owned and operated nursery in Portland Oregon. This wilting will reverse however and at this point, it would be advantageous to keep your tree by elementary and partial shade. Click here to view our Citrus Growing Guide. An easy way is to use one light on a tree for 24 hours at a time. They’ll likely do best in very hot, less humid environments like southern California rather than Florida. Although there are a number of different colors of finger limes such as yellow, pink and red… USDA Zone: 9b Slower-growing than other citrus varieties. Important Considerations for Australian Finger Lime Trees. There is nothing more frustrating than losing years of work and future decades of fruit than losing your citrus tree to a freak cold-snap which occurred while you were vacationing out of town! Finger limes can come in an assortment of colors. We recommend placing the grow light anywhere from 6 to 18 inches away from your tree. Buy Australian Finger Lime Tree. They have a clean white light because they are full spectrum. We’ve seen them from growers in Australia and lusted after them for years and now we finally have the red pulped Australian Finger Lime! In the winter, place your plant in a well-lit room. It is one of the most challenging and slowest growing citrus varieties there are! These machinations are very important for the color of the leaves, development of the root system, proper flowering, fruiting, and taste of the fruit respectively and appropriate photosynthesis and growth of the trunk of the tree in general. The Australian Finger Lime Tree. This section doesn’t currently include any content. 'Brush' like lime tree that's very thorny. Step 3: Watering for Australian Finger Lime trees. Sunset Northeast Zone: All Zones, Indoors in winter, Phone: 1-877-353-4028 We have found that if there is proper drainage in container gardening it is difficult to overwater citrus trees. Bearing Age: 1-2 years after planting You can help it set fruit by taking a small brush and moving pollen from flower to flower. These trees tend to perform best in environments similar to where they are found in Australia. Once they are ready, they should be firm to touch and full, and when you tug at the fruit it should come away from the branch quite easily. However, the growing regions in the United States where citrus can be planted into the ground are limited to areas in California, Arizona, South Texas, Louisiana and Florida.