I’m now on day 52 of having symptoms and this journey has, in many ways, shattered me. It’s so clear that Noelle Stevenson and the team she assembled for this show understood this and it is such a balm to experience a story like this from someone who understands. By season 5, however, Shadow Weaver is essentially alone and cut off from magic. (To Casta: “You could never hold a candle to Micah’s power. May I suggest something else as a shorthand for that whole idea: https://static1.srcdn.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/She-Ra-Failsafe.jpg?q=50&fit=crop&w=740&h=370. But holy shit y’all, THEY DID IT. I’m so profoundly grateful to this show for showing me that this kind of shift is possible, for giving me a character to love that has been deeply broken but has also begun the process of recovery. But we got it. Perfuma is a transgender lesbian character from She-Ra and the Princesses of Power. Really missing my grandmother it’ll be two years since she passed this coming December. And also I love that Catra had to earn it. Over the last six months, I’ve lost the ability to do the things that have always been integral to my identity, like overachieving in my career and cloaking the people I love in my empathy and taking care of my family in every way and riding my bike and just, you know, being the person other people go to when they need someone to open a jar or get something off the top shelf or carry an entire team of people through a crisis on their own shoulders. A one-stop shop for all things video games. You guys made me start crying again. Heather: I also loved how all of Catra’s outfit changes, even her villager cloak, had cat ears. I got home from a 20km hike on Saturday afternoon New Zealand time (after it dropped on Friday night for us) and immediately started watching, only stopping to grab some food, finishing it later that night, with tears streaming down my face. Heather: I’m never going to get over it. Also, why wasn’t Netossa in charge this whole time? were based on the architecture of mega-churches. I’m operating at like 20% of my pre-COVID capacity as a human being. Usually any complex female character’s redemption is through MORE suffering. All the characters were great with fully realized emotions, personalities, and back stories. They all got good endings, none of the characters just dropped off the face of the earth or got throw away endings not deserving of their character. My headcanon is still that Scorpia has normal hands under her claws but it never occurs to her to take them off because it'd be a faux pas. There was not one character on the show that I wanted to kick off because I thought they were a pointless dumb character or because I thought they were poorly written. Her footwear consists of a sandal-like item. Meg: The dad jokes, the hero speech, the wives as each other’s weaknesses — all perfection. I will make it okay. I can do it. The care they gave to her! It’s not often I end up relating the most to a lead character — in fact, the only other show I can think of off the top of my head is Supergirl. Catra naturally feels unhealthy amounts of resentment towards Adora, who left her and the Fright Zone in order to join the rebellion. And especially compared to how she handled disagreements in earlier seasons, this felt like an incredible shift in maturity, a real demonstration of all that she’s learned throughout the arc of this show. I’ve identified damn strongly with Catra the whole series (though with a bunch of Adora’s dorkiness, but I principally see myself in Catra). But boi, watching her navigate the Heart of Etheria just did something to me that I can’t even fully articulate yet. Valerie Anne: I cheated and said a little of everyone. When she drops the mask that hid both her emotions and the scars of her unsuccessful power grab, she erodes the memory of the terrifying, domineering sorceress of their childhood. Again: This was epic fantasy and sci-fi on par with Lord of the Rings and Star Wars and a queer love story was at its heart. Even at the very end, Catra is willing to die alongside Adora, because she has never felt that her life has real value, real meaning. Catra sitting on Adora’s lap when she was trying to focus felt like something out of fanfic, it was so perfectly, adorably hilarious. The gag never got old! My jaw literally dropped at that kiss, but it wasn’t until I read this interview with Noelle Stevenson in the LA Times right after watching the finale that I totally lost it. I laughed EVERY TIME. When Mara told her, “You’re worth more than what you can give to other people. I cannot wait to rewatch this series a billion times. To get a psi-fy fantasy space opera that is female and queer driven was a dream come true. She did it because it was the right thing to do. Posted by 2 days ago. She eventually blends in with the other princesses and even makes up with Scorpia, who she was horrible to in the Fright Zone. Shadow Weaver is the archetypal toxic maternal figure: she is a power-hungry, world-class manipulator who shows attachment and affection to the children in her care in which she detects high power and ability (Micah, Adora, Glimmer to some extent), and is cruel and cold to the ones she finds lacking (Catra, Castaspella). I cried for a while after that final episode. Although I’ve not managed to pick up a book the whole of lockdown so far…, I’ve been kinda terrible at keeping my Goodreads updated … I did however keep a record in an Apple Note of what I was reading (with a rather chunky/lumpy rating system) so if you’re on Twitter or IG you can DM me: @sarahhbickerton (same on both) and I can share some screen shots :), Why WASN’T Netossa in charge this whole time??? Cons will happen again someday, and in the meantime you can get it perfect and take lots of selfies! The evolution of Catra! Thank you for your love, but I will carry this alone. Scorfuma is the femslash ship between Scorpia and Perfuma from the She-Ra and the Princesses of Power fandom. It’s not just about having queer characters (because of course it’s about having queer characters) it’s about having a universe where our experiences resonate. “Sometimes you don’t realize you need to hear something until a reboot of an 80s cartoon created to sell action figures just comes out and slaps you in the face with it, huh?”, That might take up a lot of real estate. I was thinking this morning about how the writers made the choice to show Bow’s dads getting to see his huge hero’s speech at the end of the finale, and how proud they were, and how he’d hidden his true self away from them for so long, and in the final battle, there he was! Luckily, intense physical therapy multiple times a day for months helped me get a lot of my strength back and reduce a lot of my pain. Scorpia is one of the best characters on She-Ra and The Princesses of Power because she sees the best in everybody even though she's a villain. She currently writes list articles, and when she is not writing or studying, she is watching movies and catching up on pop culture. I think one of the reasons that I resonate with Catra so strongly is that I see her as suicidal, something that begins to feel clear at the top of season three, after Shadow Weaver leaves her for Adora and the Rebellion. QUEE-RA! Like her, Catra is highly intelligent and capable, but also wounded and angry about being a sidekick to more magically gifted people. I also found it to be a really emotional watch and as the climactic scene develops, even to the last second I was thinking “no, they couldn’t” and I felt all the echoes of my fundamentalist upbringing ringing in my ears about how crucially important it was to protect children from the gay agenda and how to have even the tiniest bit of visibility would be normalizing an evil lifestyle. They held nothing back, and they did not try to be smart and cute like a lot of tv creators try to do. Let’s do it. Hard agree with everything here – as close to a perfect season of TV as I think we shall ever witness!