Add onion and garlic, continue cooking for 4 additional minutes or until peppers are tender. 49 Save 30 c Unit price 85c per 100g Urban Eats Greek Spanakopita or Tiropita 750g In a medium skillet, heat olive oil over medium heat. I tried cooking on a preheated pan at 375 and the outer crust is better, but the dough under the toppings doesn't cook before the toppings are about to burn. Reduce heat to low. Add tomatoes, marinara and black pepper. Could also use ALDI non-organic version. I can’t taste the peppers, onions, or cheese much, but I still like these chicken sausages. I found them in a value pack for .99/lb. Elmsbury Crispy Microwave Sausage Roll 1pk/175g Former price $1.79 Unit ea Current Price $1. A smaller pack was $1.79/pound. For cooking instructions, How to Cook Split Chicken Breasts. Mild Italian Chicken Sausage with mozzarella cheese, peppers, and onions is a good, healthy option that tastes great, and it’s a nice alternative to hot dogs or brats. Aldi does a pretty excellent job of serving breakfast in its Regular Buy section alone — from essential components to prepared foods — so when the grocer augments its lineup with ALDI Finds (Special Buys), we tend to stop and take notice.We especially take notice when the ALDI Find in question offers something healthier than the Regular Buy.. Grill sausage until cooked through. Sauté peppers, mushrooms and squash for 4 minutes. Instructions say cook ~17min at 375 directly on middle rack. This usually results in a crust that is kind of chewy-ish/hard-ish. Cook pasta according to package directions. Recommended. salt, pepper, olive oil; Directions: For the cooked chicken, one option is to roast split bone-in chicken breasts. A selection of recipes using ALDI's every day grocery range Our experiences with Aldi breakfast foods have been mostly positive; we think Aldi can do a pretty legitimate imitation of a fast food breakfast.From the eggs to the hash browns, Aldi has a good selection for the first meal of the day.. 1 (48 oz) box of ADLI organic chicken broth, $2.15. Aldi’s Kirkwood Never Any!