Preferring soccer or basketball, many students do not sign up for football. They are introduced by: who, whom, which, whose, that, where, when. Adjectives are describing words They went in to the pool. The PowerPoint is editable. Adjectives are describing words. Possessive adjectives PPT. Most fruits are naturally low in fat, sodium and calories. Get students to practice vocabulary or do a sente... 46,591 Downloads . I walked round the house. Adjectives are describing words The dog chased me. None have cholesterol. Parents concerned about football injuries suggest other sports. Posessive Adjectives … Teach los adjetivos descriptivos with this animated Spanish descriptive adjectives PowerPoint presentation and vocabulary list. Fairly simple. Adjective Clauses. + ADJECTIVE They went in to the deep pool. Part of Speech PowerPoint Presentation ... names any one of a group or persons, places, things, or ideas and is generally not capitalized. In many parts of the country, steadily declining interest has damaged high school football. These clauses act like adjectives. +ADJECTIVE I put on my soft colourful jumper. Madera High School Last modified by: Madera High School Created Date: 1/11/1904 7:45:36 AM Document presentation format: On-screen Show Company: MUSD Other titles: Times Tahoma Arial Stone Sans OS ITC TT-Bold Blank Name It! What is a adjective? Green Die. English ESL Adjectives Powerpoint presentations - Most ... By potter545 This is a simple game I created for 1st and 2nd grade elementary school. Reacting to a lack of interest, school officials have cut football funds. -Examples: Book, school, marker, computer ... A word that is used to modify a noun or a pronoun. + adjective The large fierce dog chased me. Fruits are sources of many essential nutrients including: potassium; dietary fiber, vitamin C, and folate. The slides can also be printed and used for a bulletin board or word wall. + adjectives I walked round the old creepy house. Possessive Adjectives Some examples: mi hermano mis hermanos tu abuela tus abuelas su hijo sus hijos nuestro tío nuestros tíos nuestra tía nuestras tías Possessive Adjectives The possessive adjective must be singular if the noun is singular and plural if the noun is plural. Find the adjectives. The vocabulary list comes in 2 versions: 1 in a PDF for ease in print