What is a guitar bridge? Shop Parts at Allparts®. Saddle slot is 0.120" x 3.0". The bridge has a few different components and each of those components can vary in the material used. Accuratelypositioning the strings, a relative height to the fretboard. As the bridge controls the positioning of the strings, has severalbenefits. The bridge is found on the lower bout of the guitar body and placesthe string over either by pickups (for electric guitars) or a sound hole (on anacoustic guitar) before it reaches the fretboard. TecUnite Acoustic Guitar Bridge Pins Puller Pulling Remover Extractor Tool with Guitar Saddle Nut an… Outer bridge pin holes are spaced 2.164" on center. Standard acoustic size is perfect for most bridge replacements and new builds (it's included with our Dreadnought Guitar Kits).. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Acoustic Guitar Bridge for 6 String Acou… These benefits include: 1. A guitar bridge attaches to thebody of the guitar with its purpose to anchor the guitar strings to the body ofthe guitar. 1600 Windsor, California 95492 Toll Free: 1-800-477-4437 International: 707-687-2020 International or Local: 707-687-2020 A nylon string classical guitar has a bridge and bridge saddle but doesn’t typically have bridge pins. Includes plastic compensated saddle. 1.442" H x 6.1" W x 0.367" T. The bridge is flat on the bottom, and not completely drilled through for bridge pins. Quality polished 6-string bridges with countersunk pin holes. Rosewood Gibson® style "Belly Up" reverse bridge for acoustic guitar. About This Item. Strings are usually tied to the bridge. 6 String Acoustic Guitar Bridge Bone Pins Saddle Nut/Specially Designed Set of Guitar Accessories, I… A steel string acoustic guitar is made up of a bridge, bridge saddle and bridge pins. This controls th… $17.99 An acoustic guitar bridge is a relatively simple device which is made out of different types of wood which all have different acoustic properties. Luthiers Mercantile International, Inc. 7975 Cameron Drive, Bldg. Browse, buy, or become a dealer. However, when it comes to acoustic guitars it’s not the bridge that matters all to much, it’s the saddle which sits right in front of the bridge. Oversized bridges have a slightly larger footprint to cover any finish chips or damage on the guitar top around the perimeter of the old bridge's outline. Find custom pickups, necks, tuning keys, bridges and more for Guitar, Banjo and Bass part needs.