He tasks you with freeing the rebel that is being held captive in the Hestiatorion. You will start your adventure in Phokis. You will meet Sokrates… Alexios received a letter from Sokrates inviting him to visit in Phokis. Sokrates speaks of how the man was a freedom fighter, battling the occupying force when he killed the man. To start the mission you have to talk to Xanthippe. Sokrates was the teacher of Alkibiades, a relative of Perikles who ruled Athens during the golden age. In time, he became part of Perikles' inner circle, befriending numerous intellect individuals. This man's situation sounds familiar, so you can commiserate. That’s all … Socrates' Trial - Side Quests in Assassin's Creed Odyssey Assassin's Creed Odyssey Guide and Walkthrough A Sokratic Mess. Sokrates tells you about a rebel who apparently killed someone on the island of Delos. She will... Finding One's Voice. Category: Sokrates's Trial To start this quest, go to Kirrha in Phokis and visit the Sokrates' House. It turns out he’s a bit of a zealot, so head back to Sokrates to have yet another philosophy lesson. In 431 BCE, Sokrates was present at the Bouleuterion of Athens, witnessing his mentor and fellow philosopher Anaxagoras being ostracized from the polis through a vote.