Add to cart. Which do you prefer? The large bedroom wardrobes are now replaced with a bedroom corner wardrobe or modern bedroom closets and wardrobes that are affordable for small rooms. Here are some tips that would help you get the best wardrobe bed for your room. The portable bedroom wardrobe design ideas would be suitable for you. With a fashionable look, this wooden wardrobe for bedroom is given old look with limited shelves, best for a single person. The minimum length (left to right) of a sliding-door wardrobe should be at least 7 feet, so that it can accommodate two door-panels of 3.5 feet each. You'll drift off in no time in a space like one of these Zen rooms, Stunning Bedroom Ceilings That Say Look At Me, 30 Breathtaking Wardrobe & Almirah Designs, 9 Stunning Wall Treatments for Living Rooms, Reimagining Mughal Architecture in Modern Homes. There should be a minimum space of 3 inches between the rail and the top of the wardrobe so that there is enough space for the removing and placing back the hangers. The use of wardrobe designs is one of the best ways of utilising space available in the home for noble activities.The thing about wardrobes is that they can be designed to be in many sizes and shapes. mam, H120 inch× W 84 inch×D 24 inch, wardrobe , which will be best sliding door or normal, for tool size 10ft ×11ft. Wardrobe From Hell? Note that coats are wider than normal shirts; the sleeves of the coat should not get stuck within the door-panels of the wardrobe. The bedroom sliding wardrobe design would help you out with a lavishing look to your room. See More: Simple Steel Wardrobe Designs. The internal planning of a wardrobe revolves around a combination of hanging closets, drawers and shelves, which are used for keeping clothes, accessories, jewellery, shoes and so on. Looking for wardrobes for small bedroom Indian style? With a mirror on the front side, this is among the tall bedroom wardrobes that are specially designed for single people bedrooms. 2) Take a hard look at what you would want your wardrobe … For having a proper idea, check out the top 10 bedroom wardrobe images before finalizing one. Introduce two hanging rails for hanging shirts, like in this example, by dividing the wardrobe vertically into two equal sections. 7. Be it a small room or a deluxe double bedroom, the modern wardrobes for bedroom are there for giving your rooms the best look as per your dreams. Looking for a closet design that can be moved from one place to another with ease anytime? You have to hire a carpenter to execute the design. Let’s have a look into them. The standard depth of a hinged wardrobe is 24 inches. mam, H120 inch× W 84 inch×D 24 inch, wardrobe , which will be best sliding door or normal, for room size 10ft ×11ft. These bedroom wardrobe and drawers give the best simple look to your room along with other wooden furniture. 99.00 (Note: This is not a physical product, you will receive a working dimension of given image for execution purpose after the payment. If there is a wardrobe only on one side of the wall, then there should be a clearance of at least 3 feet in front of the wardrobe to comfortably access it. Are you also willing to design your bedroom with the best interior design ideas bedroom wardrobe? With various internal fittings and configurations, the bedroom wardrobe with drawers is made with standard quality material along with German hardware. The wardrobe is popular for increasing the storage space in the room. Wardrobe cabinets are essential for a bedroom. The wardrobe colours for the bedroom would surely make you go crazy while selecting with both antic and classic designs on it. The minimum length (left to right) of a sliding-door wardrobe should be at least 7 feet, so that it can accommodate two door-panels of 3.5 feet each. What Is the Best Colour Combination for Small Bedrooms? Give due importance to the material and the colours the bed and wardrobe would be designed with for a complete set look. Again, the bed with wardrobe design is also the latest look selected by couples. However, with the changes in the bedroom interior designs, various wardrobes for the bedroom have come up that add to the decoration of your room. Your email address will not be published. With a number of drawers and flexible DIY, this bedroom with wardrobe is mostly selected for the kid’s bedroom. If your room is short on space, then you can opt for a depth of 22 inches; but remember, this depth is not adequate for hanging clothes. Today, the situation is that without any modern bedroom wardrobe, the room would look incomplete as the mess would be totally visible in the room. This classic design of wardrobe interior designs for bedroom has given an antic look to the rooms. Calculate the number of wardrobe drawers you would require to stuff your belongings in it. Are you looking for a perfect picture of the wardrobe in the bedroom of your kids? Use these essential organisation principles instead, Discover what has made these bedrooms the most saved images in recent months, Take a look at how this colour combination transforms boudoirs into stylish, sophisticated spaces full of character, From spiffy layouts to clever cabinetry, these designs show how bedrooms big and small can be enhanced, These bedrooms offer stylish built-in storage solutions to bring in maximum functionality within a limited space, Good lighting is one of the key ways to enhance the overall look of the bedroom and create a relaxing atmosphere. What are the Best Material Finishes for Wardrobes? Here are the dimensions that will allow you to make efficient use of every inch of space in your wardrobe. If there are wardrobes on both (opposite) sides of the closet, then maintain a clearance of about 54-60 inches between the facing wardrobes so that even if one wardrobe door is open, there is still enough space to pass by. Take a look at how these wardrobes enhance the design landscape of these bedrooms, We don't tell you just one, but 8 winning colour schemes for small bedrooms, Check out these 10 design tricks for making a small bedroom feel luxuriously large, In need of a good sleep? Just have a look at the bed n wardrobe bedroom wardrobe cabinet designs and select your favourable wardrobe according to the size and colour of your room. See More: Beautiful Home Wardrobe Designs. Thinking how to design a wardrobe for bedroom? This kind of bedroom wardrobe furniture designs has become much popular among the teens where they can store many things. Hang sarees or formal shirts in a smaller section with a height of 40 inches. ), 2016 - 2020 | All Rights Reserved |, Back Painted Glass Wardrobe – 7’6″ x 7’0″ feet – 14177, Laminate Finish Wardrobe Design- 6’0″ x 7’0″ – 21081, Sliding Wardrobe Design – 5’0″ x 9’0″ Feet – 10511SF, Sliding Wardrobe Design – 9’6″ x 9’0″ – 10078.